New Whitepaper "Scope, scale and risk like never before: Securing the Internet of Things" by Telefónica and ElevenPaths Analyst Team

Florence Broderick    28 January, 2016

This week we are launching both in London and Madrid, in a round table with security analysts and journalists, our new Whitepaper “Scope, scale and risk like never before: Securing the Internet of Things” carried out by Telefónica and ElevenPaths’ Analyst team. This whitepaper has been written by professionals in the security field with the expertise level of Chema Alonso (ElevenPaths CEO), Antonio Guzmán (ElevenPaths Scientific Director), John Moor (IoT Security Foundation), Jaime Sanz (Intel Iberia), Luis Muñoz (University of Cantabria), Belisario Contreras (CICTE) y Bertrand Ramé (SIGFOX).

» It’s available at ElevenPaths web.

We live in a hyperconnected world, where millions of devices join the IoT, our challenge is to provide innovative security solutions that easily respond to current circumstances and priorities. This context of insecurity has encouraged Telefónica and the ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team to do an investigation on those subjects and in more depth about the scope, scale & risk of the Internet of Things.

Some details about the report:

  • IoT devices in corporate environments such as printers, camera, VoIP phones or network systems are the new jigsaw for the IT departments, and obviously provide cybercriminals a new way to access corporations’ networks.
  • It is mandatory to establish new measures to secure the network and the IT infrastructure, and in the long term, standardize these protection measures delivering an end to end security.
  • When these days everybody is talking about insecurity in the IoT, from ElevenPaths we propose answers and challenges to achieve a secure deployment of your IoT solutions.

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