“The client seeks to live a different experience with each purchase”

Salmerón Uribes Marina    30 January, 2019

“The music of nougat “El Almendro” is recognized by one hundred percent of the respondents”

We all take it for granted when entering a hotel, a cafeteria or a supermarket that, in addition to the usual sound generated by the activity of other customers, we will enjoy music in the background, which makes the stay more pleasant and friendly. 

When we talk about environmental music in the establishments we talk about enjoying music in a natural way, it is a great ally of marketing not only in advertising or advertising campaigns, but also in the point of sale itself. This sound environment thus generates a value beyond the purely commercial entering the full emotional field.

“The client seeks to live a different experience with each purchase and music is one of the first perceptions that boost innovation to improve this experience”

We enjoy music in different ways and in different places, because it is something that, in general, everyone likes and also relates to leisure time, so it is a great ally of marketing, not only in advertising, but also at the point of sale. So much so that the choice of music is a decisive element for a good customer experience in the establishment, a good construction of the corporate image by the consumer and for the retailer to see increased sales thanks to factors such as rhythm or the sonority. The choice of music can increase or decrease the chances of success of any business today.

Spotmusic knows the value of music at the point of sale and was born with the aim of creating an appropriate musical environment that really influences the activity and the response of customers. The service offers 24 hours of musical ambience to the establishment, without interruptions or publicity. In addition, it gives access to more than 100 music channels, prepared by a team of musicologists, created so that each establishment chooses that style that best suits their type of customers and their brand identity.

It is a solution that encourages a positive feeling of experience in clients, brightening situations that might otherwise be annoying, such as waiting for goods to go up in the warehouse or having to wait in a long line to pay.

Audio marketing takes advantage of the emotional power of music to link users with the brand and favor consumption. A well-chosen music that is appropriate to the product that is offered and to the public that demands it facilitates the recall of the brand image and significantly enriches the customer’s journey. In addition, a good musical atmosphere stimulates users’ perception of consumption time as leisure time, stimulating purchases and, therefore, commerce.

In addition, we must take into account the volume of the melodies, since it can contribute negatively if it is excessively high, because, far from increasing the enjoyment of customers, it will make them feel annoyed.

According to an Audio Branding study conducted by the IAB, the Windows start music is recognized as such by 73.77 percent of the respondents and the nougat “El Almendro” by one hundred percent

This retail solution is aimed at both small and large companies or multinationals, regardless of the sector they belong to, although for practical purposes, companies dedicated to tourism or hospitality and offices are those who request it the most.

The spotmusic service has already been adopted by important companies such as Gocco or Sodexo, which have at their disposal, not only the technical tools that make possible a simple and autonomous online management, but a team of experts in musicology that elaborate specific channels according to the type of deal.

Expert advice is a great help, since it determines the user experience according to your expectations when you visit the point of sale. For a clinic, for example, it will be necessary to choose a quiet music that facilitates the relaxation of the patient. However, it will not be like that in a supermarket, where music is an essential factor to encourage a purchase that can sometimes be tedious for customers.

By incorporating this service, the establishments can remotely activate the musical channels they want to use in their businesses thanks to a management panel. A cafeteria, for example, can select different channels by time slots, interspersing them with promotional locutions or current campaigns, so that customers who are there having lunch can enjoy them.

All this places us in a scenario in which the communication between the brand and the client is no longer unidirectional, since music is a language that both understand very well. If a business puts dance and deep house at full volume, those who identify with the style and who, therefore, feel linked to the brand, will enter the shop.

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