Quick and dirty script in Powershell to check certificate fingerprints

Florence Broderick    23 November, 2015
Malware is using signed binaries to attack Windows systems. Malware needs it to get into the roots of the operative system. So attackers steal or create their own certificates. Everything counts to “look good” for the users and machines. Sometimes, when a signed malware is discovered, you may wonder if any of the binaries in your machine is signed with that certificate. This is a simple powershell script to get that.

Script in powershell

With Powershell, retrieving the fingerprint of the certificate is quite easy. Just a few lines of code. Since most of the suspected machines will be Windows and all modern versions are able to use Powershell, this a simple solution. Just add the certificate fingerprint you are searching for in your computer, tell the program where to start from, and that is all.

To use it, just create your txt file with some fingerprints. For example, these are the fingerprints for the certs used in TheFlame (2012) and WildNeutron (2015) operations respectively.


We have uploaded the code to our Github. Whatever good idea you may have to improve it, just share it with us in our community.

Please note this is “quick and dirty” code with both practical and educational purposes.

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