ElevenPaths and Enigmasec associated to help small and medium organizations in face of the invasion of systems

Florence Broderick    20 February, 2017

The last week, we announced a partnership with Enigmasec, a company specialized in incident responses for cybersecurity, with the goal of improving its capabilities in cyber attacks that breaks into the traditional mechanisms of defenses.

Nowadays, there’s no accessible tool that can compile the information from a security incident, helping to reduce its response time. In this context rises Enigmabox, a tool created by Enigmasec to detect security incidents and collect data for analysis. Igor Lukic, Enigmasec’s CEO, tell us that “Enigmabox works like an airplane’s black box, so in case our customer has some security issue, all its information will be stored in the same place. It also works as a warning system to provide responses to security incidents”.

We love to exchange experiences oriented to incident responses and combine synergies in commercial agreements, to develop the future of cybersecurity solutions with other players in this theme. ElevenPaths’ Vice President for Strategic Alliances, Rames Sarwat, comments the deal “this alliance supports our goal, adding precious information to a precise reaction when facing a system intrusion”.

Enigmabox uses Latch as an authentication solution, increasing the confidentiality in managing systems’ accesses. ElevenPaths and Enigmasec will include these services in their portfolios, increasing our solutions in cybersecurity.

Along that, last Friday 16th of February, we were with Enigmasec in Tenerife island for the IV Hackron Edition, a congress focused on hacking and cyber security with our hacker and CSA, Pablo San Emeterio. In the talk IM RELOADED, Pablo discussed about the security vulnerabilities for instant messages and Chema Alonso, Chairman of ElevenPaths and Chief Data Office for Telefonica, mentioned the keynote of the congress through videoconference.  

For more information, check the Partners Section in our webpage.
To see the Press Release done by ElevenPaths and Enigmasec, click here.

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