Introducing Mobile Connect – the new standard in digital authentication

Florence Broderick    8 September, 2015

The Mobile Operators hold the future of digital authentication in our hands, and so do our customers. The consumers will no longer need to create and manage multiple user names and passwords as the authentication and identification solution being developed will use the subscriber’s mobile phone number or mobile user name and information contained in the secure SIM card.

What is Mobile Connect? 
Mobile Connect is a GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Association) cross-operator proposition where users can authenticate with third party applications via a user account linked with their mobile phone number. The authentication provider for Mobile Connect is the user’s mobile network operator, and authentication is more secure than typical username/password schemes as access to the account is secured via the user’s mobile device.

Service Provider and/or Developers, such as digital retailers, financial institutions, online providers or governments, can use the Mobile Connect service on their applications to authenticate users. As Mobile Connect offers various levels of security for authentication, ranging from low-level website access to highly-secure bank-grade authentication, the Service Provider/Developer can choose the one most suited to its application.

Telefónica (lead by ElevenPaths as part of the Global Security Unit), along with other leading mobile operators, is pioneering the development of “Mobile Connect”, participating actively in several multioperator initiatives in both, Europe and Latam regions.

How does it look like?
Just think how many websites and applications you use regularly for which you need a user name and password. The more we use the Internet services, the more log-in details we have to remember. With Mobile Connect, there’s no need for passwords or usernames, making logging in so much easier. Although logging in through social networks can remove the need for passwords, many people worry their personal information will be used without their permission. With Mobile Connect, no information is made available to service providers without the user’s consent, making logging in more private.

With Mobile Connect, you are authenticated through your mobile phone, rather than through personal information. This makes authentication in safer and more secure.

Mobile Connect is the new simple, secure and private way to log-in.

How does it work?
The technology behind Mobile Connect is built on the widely adopted technology of OpenID Connect. Authentication is provided by the operator to the website with no person information shared without the consumer’s permission.

The Mobile Connect Logical Architecture reuses many of the Operator assets and introduces a small number of new components in order to deliver Mobile Connect.

The following diagram illustrates the key logical components that will need to be provided for, or impacted by, the deployment of Mobile Connect services.

The GSMA is working with leading mobile operators globally and in-county with a broader set of ecosystem players, such as governments, banks and retailers, to help roll out mobile-enabled digital identity solutions.

Visit to keep up to date with the latest developments in Mobile Connect, the secure and universal log-in solution.

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