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Telefónica Tech    18 June, 2021
Telefónica Tech

They say that together we are stronger, and at Telefónica Tech we have realised about this. Good support is always a safe bet to strengthen the path, and if that support is called Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT or Blockchain, things get even better.

At Telefónica Tech we know that together we are more capable and stronger to achieve great things. That’s why our technologies have joined forces for some time now to move towards a common goal: to provide the best technological services to our clients.

Now that union has also reached Think Big Empresas. We want to simplify our communications in order to enhance their quality and dissemination. One of our main commitments is to make the steps that our technologies are taking accessible. To achieve this, we have redesigned the covers of ElevenPaths and AIofThings and we are welcoming a new meeting place and information reference on technology. And so, the Telefónica Tech blog is born.

Cyber Security, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Our technologies will generate a lot of buzz and we want to be the ones who, firsthand, keep you informed about the latest news, advances and success stories.

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