ElevenPaths Approaches the Cyber Security Paradigm Shift and the New Era’ s Digital Transformation in the SID 2020

ElevenPaths    20 October, 2020
ElevenPaths approaches the cyber security paradigm shift and the new era' s digital transformation in the SID 2020
  • Telefónica Tech’s cyber security company is holding its 8th Security Innovation Days, this time in a virtual format and extending from one to three half-days, on October 20th, 21st and 22nd.
  • Among the new features of this edition is the new digital format via streaming and its corresponding accessibility for international clients and attendees. This will be the first edition in which ElevenPaths holds the event as a member of Telefónica Tech’s holding.
  • We can find José Cerdán, Pedro Pablo Pérez, Martina Matarí, Chema Alonso, Eduard Chaveli and Guenia Gawendo, among other speakers.

ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cyber security company, is holding the 7th Security Innovation Days, a national and international reference event on innovation and security, under the slogan: The New Era.

In ElevenPaths we bet on the digital transformation to create a new era, The New Era, becoming an essential key player in the digital life of our clients. Only those organizations that understand that in the new era it is necessary to invest in material and human means, will be able to move in this new environment of “Digital Cyber Security Transformation”. 

At the end of last year we announced the appointment of Telefónica Tech. Therefore, ElevenPaths became Telefónica’s Cyber Security Company and a subsidiary of Telefónica Tech’s new holding company. With the aim of integrating the digital capabilities of The New Telefónica, we want to support our customers in the digitalization process by offering a comprehensive service for managing their security.  

Since the announcement of the new Telefónica Tech, ElevenPaths has grown in employees in almost 1,000 specialised cyber security professionals worldwide.

The Security Innovation Days 2020 will be held on October 20th, 21st and 22nd. This year we keep on counting with the support and participation of our partners in three categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze. In this edition our gold partners are Cytomic, Netskope, Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler. The silver partners are CheckPoint, Crowdstrike, Forcepoint, Fortinet, McAfee and RSA. And last, but not least the bronze partners are Akamai, Bitsight, Netscout and Proofpoint.

In addition, among the new features, the digital format in streaming and the accessibility for international clients and attendees stand out. This will be the first edition in which ElevenPaths holds the event as a member of Telefónica Tech holding. The registration of attendees will have no limited capacity and the format of the event will be live on a television set.

The event starts on October 20th with the opening of José Cerdán, CEO of Telefónica Tech holding, accompanied by Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths who will bring up the recent digital ecosystem within the company. In this edition we will talk about the new perimeter in cyber security, the management of threats in an intelligent way (Threat Hunting) and the qualities of Operations of the future. From ElevenPaths, as a challenging company and provider of Managed Security services that integrates its own products and services, we do offer as well consulting services. For this reason, during the celebration of our Security Innovation Days 2020 we will have sessions dedicated to four main topics: buy, invest, make and partners.

Moreover, we will have several sessions where we will address the work of our ElevenLabs and review the cyber security tools of the future.

We will also be joined by Eduard Chaveli, Head of Strategic Consulting at ElevenPaths and CEO of Govertis. At the beginning of September ElevenPaths took over two leading companies in strategic consultancy and cyber security training: Govertis and Ihacklabs.

Guenia Gawendo will be joining us too, director of Telefónica Innovation Ventures. Telefónica, through its corporate venture capital vehicle, Telefónica Innovation Ventures (TIV), has made an investment in Nozomi Networks Inc, a leading company in security and industrial control systems. Present in 16 countries, allows real-time visualisation of cyber risk, as well as managing and improving the resilience of industrial operations. These projects are the result of investments made by Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation area. Altogether, there are 300 companies seen and 40 invested in. Furthermore, during the VII Security Innovation Days, an international CISOS round table will be held by different companies. They will bring their business vision and the challenges presented within cyber security and digital transformation to clients and companies. In this round table we will counting with Eroski’s CISO, O2 Germany’s CISO and Caja de Los Andes’ CISO.

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