Latch Plugins Contest 2016: we finally have winners!

Florence Broderick    15 February, 2017

We can now announce the winners of our “Latch Plugins Contest 2016“, showing the creativity, ideas and imagination of the participants in the submitted proposals. This edition of the contest results in its consolidation and the consolidation of the community of developers who feed and develop Latch.
In our community, you can find the documentation, videos and plugins of all participants who have shown great interest, effort and quality in the works submitted. Here is a brief description of the winning plugins and hacks:
First prize – 5.000 USD

Winner: Álvaro Caso
Plugin: Mosquito MQTT

This plugin easily adds a second factor authorization to the IoT ecosystem, performing the integration on the MQTT Broker platform (lightweight M2M message protocol), rather than on the devices.

This way of functioning frees resources and improves compatibility and scalability.

What we liked:
The approach to the proposed solution looks interesting and original. The integration with a protocol like MQTT increases the usability of Latch and allows a great diffusion in commercial solutions, such as IoT Stack of Telefónica.


Second prize – 2.000 USD
Winner: Juan Camero
Plugin: Latch OpenWRT

Plugin for the OpenWRT open firmware used on neutral routers. It manages the internet connection of wireless devices through a Smartphone with the Latch app in a simple and intuitive way. It adds an extra layer of security for the Internet access by router, avoiding access to the network if an attacker surpasses the first security measures, such as the key of the access point or a MAC filter, with Mac Spoofing techniques, etc.
What we liked:
The approach applied is good and with great possibilities of development. The scope of OpenWRT is wide because of its community of users and its compatibility with neutral routers of the market. The integration with the webGUI (Luci) is excellent and with a simple installation.


Third prize – 1.000 USD
Not awarded

We want to thank all the participants for the contribution and the outpouring of eagerness, as well as for being part of our community and the exchange of ideas. Congratulations to the winners!
Share your knowledge, experience and curiosities with our experts. Talk to them in our community. They are waiting for you! And remember to visit the website with the Latch plugins and strengthen your systems.

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