Eleven Paths on "Digital Futures" video series

AI of Things    6 March, 2014
Telefonica Digital produces a video series called Digital Futures, which are publicly available here http://youtube.com/telefonicadigital. On the latest episode, some relevant people from the world of security gives us some insights. The episode features our very own Jose Palazón, from Eleven Paths.
In this episode of Digital Futures, they have quizzed an ethical hacker, top researcher, cyber forensics pro and security guru on trends in hacking and cyber security that we all need to look out for, both as a business or a consumer. The video is in English with Spanish subtitles.
This is a special longer version on cyber security, and is featuring relevant people like David Day (senior lecturer and Consultant, information security and forensics in Sheffield Hallam University), Eduard Lucas (Senior editor at The Economist author of The Snowden Operation: Inside the West’s Greatest Intelligence Disaster), and Tim Holman, (CEO at 2-sec and president of ISSA-UK). And of course, Jose Palazón, responsible for Latch working properly.

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