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Florence Broderick    10 April, 2017
Ransomware has a severe impact for IT companies and users. The increasing popularity of this security threat along with the profitable business for criminals make ransomware one of the most urgent and complex cybersecurity challenges nowadays. In this context NoMoreRansom (NMR) initiative has gained prominence and nine months after the launch it has received considerable attention from law enforcement and private partners belonging to the cybersecurity sector.

The www.nomoreransom.org platform has a clear mission: on one hand, to support and enable ransomware victims to get
their files back without paying the criminals. On the other hand, share information among security forces to legally track attackers. ElevenPaths brings the expertise in this field, devloping and offering
a tools to the NMR alliance. Thanks to the innovation and lab area, has allowed the company to become part of the alliance, as one of the seven associated partners with
Avast, Bitdefender, CERT de Polonia, Check Point, Emsisoft y Kasperksy.

by the Dutch National Police, Europol, Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab in July 2016. It
introduces a new level of cooperation between law enforcement and the private
sector to fight ransomware together.

The platform is
available in 14 languages and contains more than 40 free decryption tools. Statistics
show that most visitors to the platform come from Russia, the Netherlands, the
United States, Italy and Germany. Without hesitation, the interests to address
this endemic problem will gradually allow the NMR platform to grow, adding new
languages and tools thanks to the ongoing struggle against ransomware.
NMR is becoming a valuable meeting place between supporting partners approaching the platform and associated partners that provides free tools, as in the case with ElevenPaths. Thanks to all these contributors, since December of 2016, 15 tools have been added to the platform, offering new decryption possibilities to the victims of ransomware:
  • AVAST: Alcatraz Decryptor, Bart Decryptor, Crypt888 Decryptor, HiddenTear Decryptor, Noobcrypt Decryptor and Cryptomix Decryptor.
  • Bitdefender: Bart Decryptor.
  • CERT Polska: Cryptomix/Cryptoshield decryptor.
  • Check Point: Merry X-Mas Decryptor and BarRax Decryptor.
  • ElevenPaths – Telefonica Cyber Security Unit: Popcorn Decryptor.
  • Emsisoft: Crypton Decryptor and Damage Decryptor.
  • Kaspersky Lab: Updates on Rakhni and Rannoh Decryptors.
From December 2016, 30 new partners have also decided to support the project bringing the
total to 76. Composing a strong front against ransomware.

New to join
from the law enforcement side are Australia, Belgium, INTERPOL, Israel, South
Korea, Russia and Ukraine; others are Acronis International GmbH, Crowdstrike,
Cyber Security Canada, DataGravity, Deloitte, eco – Association of the Internet
Industry (eco e.V.), ENISA, the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), the Japan Cyber
Control Centre (JC3), KUERT Datenrettung Deutschland GmbH, KÜRT Data Recovery
and Information Security Co., mnemonic AS, Neutrino S.r.l., Portugal Telecom,
Secura Group Limited, SentinelOne and Verizon Enterprise Solutions. There is
also a strong support from the CERT community, represented by AfricaCERT,
BA-CSIRT (CSIRT of Buenos Aires City Government), Centro Nacional de Cibersegurança,
Certego Incident Response Team, Cybersecurity Malaysia and the Japan Computer
Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (JPCERTCC).

PopCorn Decryptor and Latch ARW

RecoverPopCorn is a utility developed in the innovation laboratory at ElevenPaths, created to fix the PopCorn ransomware infection With this contribution, it joins NMR as an associated member of this platfrom that since 2016, has helped more than 10.000 victims from all over the world.

For more information about ransomware you may visit ElevenPaths, www.nomoreransom.org and use our prevention tool Latch ARW.

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