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AI of Things    23 February, 2017
Want to keep up with the latest innovation Big Data? Who are the Artificial Intelligence gurus out there on Twitter? It’s normal to feel the struggle to keep up with latest evolutions in these spaces but we think that specialist bloggers provide a great way to do so.  This week, we’ve taken a look online to understand which have the best content to keep your finger on the Big Data and AI pulse.

One of the most widely read blogs we came across was CIO, a website which is not so author-focused but rather shares tech news and trends. CIO is to the tech sector what Adweek is to publicists – which should give you an idea of the quality of the content. By using the Big Data tag, you’ll find some top quality content to keep you up to date. 

CIO webpage
Figure 3: CIO has a great amount of content to read everyday about tech.

2. Forrester’s Blog

Leading analysts, Forrester, have a dedicated Big Data section on their tech and business blog which is well worth taking a look at. They have a great range of more business-focused articles written by Forrester employees about Big Data news and trends in different markets. It might not have the heavy technical content you’re looking for, but it’s a great way to get a feel for the value of data in the rapidly evolving world of business.

Forrester`s Blogs
Figure 1: Forrester’s Blogs will help you to focus on a more business sight of Big Data.

3. KDnuggets

Also known as Knowledge Discovery nuggets, this blog was created in 1993 by Gregory Piatestky-Shapiro, a well-known expert in Business Analytics, Data Mining and Data Science who used to work for GTE Laboratories (now Verizon). Piatestky organized the first workshop of Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD-89) for researchers. KDnuggets started off as a newsletter to keep in touch with researchers who attended the event. When Piatestky left GTE Labs he created the current website where you can find news, tutorials, the online Stanford Data Mining course and even job posts. It might have a very 90’s aesthetic but it’s full of awesome content to keep us entertained.

KDnuggets webpage
Figure 2: Although it’s design is not the newest, KDnuggets is one of the most popular Big Data sites ran by Gregory Piatestky.

Similarly CIO, Dataconomy is one of the leading media outlets specialized in data. There is less information available but it is more focuses on specific tech areas such as IOT and Virtual Reality – discussing the data created by each phenomenon. It also has a more academic section dedicated to published research papers. Run by a small, young, talented team, it gives great insights on how Big Data can be applied in our day to day lives.

Dataconomy webpage
Figure 4: Dataconomy will give you a refreshing view on data technology.
If you prefer listening to reading on your commute into work, perhaps Data Stories is a great choice for you. Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner run Data Stories, a podcast which covers different topics around Big Data with the company of a specialist guest. They often focus on data visualization, but they also cover the increasingly important topics of Big Data ethics, interpretation and data journalism. We love their original approach to content and we certainly learn a lot from them.
Data Stories site
Figure 5: Data Stories is available at their website and iTunes.
Feel equipped to become a guru on Big Data? With these five blogs and our “Data Speaks“, we can guarantee you’re ready to become a guru on all things data. Make sure you subscribe here for our monthly digest. 


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