ElevenPaths and Opencloud Factory signed an agreement to provide a unique solution for access control in corporative networks

Florence Broderick    1 March, 2017

ElevenPaths and Opencloud Factory signed a technological agreement, aiming to develop a unique solution for controlling the access in corporative networks.

Thanks to this agreement, Mobile Connect a multi-operator solution led by the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Association) that Telefónica lead by ElevenPaths is a perfect complement for the OpenNAC technology of Opencloud Factory.

Our mobile phone number can be used as identification in the digital world. In controlling access to corporative networks, it is essential to know the type of connected device, and in the case of user devices, it is even more relevant to uniquely identify and authenticate the person behind it.
In this context, openNAC as a network access control platform authenticates, authorizes and audits all access to the network, based on the defined access policy.

Eduardo Canga, Product Manager of Opencloud Factory, tell us that “with this integration, companies that adopt this solution will gain, on one hand, visibility in the access to their networks by outsiders, like providers or guests, and on the other, the ability to adopt “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies in a secure way, both for the ability provided by Mobile Connect to identify the user and for openNAC inherent ability to control the device profile”.

Thanks to this agreement, Opencloud Factory will integrate Telefonica’s Mobile Connect technology into its solutions, which uses the telephone number as a unique user identifier. It is a service compatible with any type of mobile phone, which uses the SIM card as a secure element to store user credentials, and it makes use of the mobile operator’s network as a secure channel for access to user credentials.

ElevenPaths’ Vice President in Strategic Partnerships, Rames Sarwat, comments about the deal “in corporate environments, this authentication method is ideal for managing guest user access and personal business user devices”.

For more information, check the partners in our webpage.

To see the Press Release done by ElevenPaths and Opencloud Factory, click here.

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