ElevenPaths and Consultores de Firma Avanzada together to protect Digital Banking, Insurance and Utility sectors

Florence Broderick    22 February, 2017

The scientific advances in facial and voice recognition, or biometric recognition for signatures are already a reality. In this context, we announce our most recent technological partnership with Consultores de Firma Avanzada. From their part, we have Firming, the biometric platform for secure contract signing created by Consultores de Firma Avanzada, and from our part, SealSign, created to be an electronic and biometric signature solution.

This partnership is the answer for the existing demand in the world of Digital Banking, and also for Insurance and Utilities Companies that were looking for an independent and mobile solution, so their customers could sign their contracts in a protected and faster way through Smartphones, Tablets and other devices.

Firming uses different technologies, such as NEC – NeoFace- facial recognition, one of the most famous in the market. It was considered worldwide number one technology in its sector by NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2014. Firming also uses a technology called NUANCE, for voice recognition. NUANCE is the global leader in biometric voice solutions for the intelligence and forensic government sector.

Juan Rodrigo Vigil, CEO and Founder of Consultores de Firma Avanzada, says “the technological integration for electronic and biometric signing couldn’t be other then SealSign, ElevenPaths’ greatest solution for the market of electronic and biometric signing.”

Rames Sarwat, ElevenPaths’ Vice Presidente for Strategic Alliances, mentions “The joint of SealSign and Firming technologies boosts the guarantee of legality and certification, offering a wider and safer platform. This association is the proof we are facing a very unique product.

For more information, check the Partners Section in our webpage.
To see the Press Release done by ElevenPaths and Consultores de Firma Avanzada, click here.

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