Cybercrime is already a global scourge…Do you really think you are protected?

Florence Broderick    23 December, 2015

Nowadays, the exponential development experienced within the ICT field has led to a new scenario where the organizations are capable of exchanging information more effectively, stablishing new business models, and in general, decreasing operational costs while increasing their levels of efficiency and profitability.

Nevertheless, the technology has evolved for everyone, enabling cybercriminals to take advantage of these new and more sophisticated techniques, even perpetrating coordinated and complex attacks against organizations or their supply chain within a few minutes. Subsequently, this fact has driven to a new generation of threats and cybercrime which imply greater risks and a bigger impact for companies.

In fact, the latest figures indicate that the cybercrime cost already represents 0.8% of the global economy, even exceeding the drug and arms trade. The fact is that any organization can be attacked. The cybercriminals do not discriminate on the basis of the company location, size, industry or ethics anymore. Actually, recent studies show that the 97% of the organizations have been hacked or breached to a greater or lesser extent, and the 69% of the detected threats have been discovered by external agents, which means that the internal traditional means are not sufficient anymore.

Another clear example which shows the organizations are not prepared for this new scenario is that, according to the new figures resulting from the latest global reports, these ones take over eight months on average to notice and fully recover from an attack, fact which, in some cases, can result in a critical impact for the organization, and even becoming a threat to their own survival.

Therefore, it is clear that the traditional approach (castle security) is no longer sufficient to face the risks the organizations are exposed nowadays, but a focus beyond the own organization environment becomes necessary, focused on the security risks which impact on their business, included their supply chain. In this sense, the implantation of a new risk management model which adequately coordinates the capacities of prevention, detection, analysis, mitigation, response and recovery becomes essential.

For the purpose of addressing this new scenario, ElevenPaths counts on CyberThreats, whose holistic risk management model focused on cyberintelligence, help prevent, detect and respond continuously which against cyberthreats which might represent a high impact on the organization´s business model. Below the main modules on which CyberThreats is structured, is shown:

Overall, thanks to our expert team specialized in Threat Detection and Incident Response, along with the orchestration of our own proprietary technology and processes combined with the market´s best practices and strategic alliances, the organizations can benefit from a continuous advanced support through the entire threat lifecycle, which facilitates the decision-making process and corporate risk management. The next graph summarizes the CyberThreats‘ performance model, from the multiple-source scouting to the value delivery to customers:

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