Security Day 2016_Security Evolution

Florence Broderick    4 May, 2016

The digital revolution moves forward unstoppably, and the current business ecosystem requires adjustment. At ElevenPaths, we believe that adjustment comes together with evolution and that security is the means to evolve. Therefore, the motto of the third edition of our Security Day is Security Evolution.

It is our third anniversary and we want to celebrate it with you. Come join us in the third edition of our Security Day. We hope to see you on May 26, at 9:30 a.m. in the Auditorium Rafael del Pino, Calle Rafael Calvo 39A, Madrid (at the corner of Paseo de la Castellana).

Also, this year we give away t-shirts with “Global Security” logo. They are so easy to get! Follow us on Twitter @ElevenPaths and let us know about it on your arrival to the event. If this is not enough, we raffle off 2 double tickets for our day of security. Yes, you got it right. Don´t miss out anything on our Blog and Twitter!

Among all our news, we will tell you about Virtual Patching and how to use Faast with WAF systems to hot patch vulnerabilities. Besides that, we’ll tell you about how we deployed digital signature services with digital certificates, set up with manual digital certificate and protected with Latch; as well as how we used SandaS GRC and Vamps in industrial systems and SCADA control.

Metashield Protector comes back with the product innovation for Exchange Server and Office 365. For the first time we will present our strategic alliances made with Fortinet and the integrations with CheckPoint. We’ll allot a session to tell you about the new implementations with Sinfonier and Latch that have been created during our talent contests and some other surprises.

Here is the agenda that we have prepared:

09:30: Guest list

10:00: Global Security Keynote

  • United we are stronger. Integration of security solutions to combat the complexity.
  • Industrial cyber security to protect critical infrastructures with SandaS GRC.
  • Digital signature in your organization: simple, innovative and user-friendly.
  • Hack Your Future: Latch & Sinfonier Contests.
  • Data Loss Detection: How to fight against Panamá Papers.

13:30: Farewell cocktails

For further details:

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