ElevenPaths and Etisalat Digital announce their collaboration for Mobile Security R&D

Florence Broderick    21 November, 2016
Madrid, November 21 2016.ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cyber Security Unit, and Etisalat Digital, two of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, announced today their collaboration in the field Mobile Security research & development (R&D) to conduct extensive research in monitoring and analysing mobile threats for applications and devices. The collaboration was announced at the recent RSA Conference 2016 held at Abu Dhabi. This is an expansion of their alliance beyond their existing shared portfolio of Managed Security and Cyber Security Services. The agreement in Security Services is part of the broader collaboration existing between both companies in multiple areas, under the framework of the Strategic Partnership Agreement originally signed in June 2011.

Francisco Salcedo, Senior Vice President Etisalat Digital said “today’s announcement is significant as mobility has moved beyond devices, apps and online transactions to a connected ecosystem. This transformation has made mobile platforms vulnerable and an easy target for cybercriminals. The collaboration and the deployment at Etisalat Digital’s Cyber Security Operating Centres will enable both partners to provide a solution for enterprises to control fraudulent activity which directly impacts its services, brand or reputation.”

The tools and knowledge used for prevention of PC malware is completely different to mobile malware. A mobile ecosystem is extremely dynamic and cybercriminals are constantly evolving the tools and techniques used for such activities. They look for sustainable, scalable business models that generate revenue through fraud while defeating security enhancements introduced by Mobile App Markets on a regular basis.

Both companies will work with Tacyt, a cyber intelligence mobile threat tool developed by ElevenPaths for mobile threats monitoring and analysis. Tacyt uses a big data approach for mobile app environment research and an enterprise-grade service to conduct full investigations, including mobile malware classification, attribution, categorization, monitoring and in-depth analysis of mobile malware need multiple approaches:

  • Mobile ecosystem is extremely dynamic and cybercriminals look for sustainable, scalable business models that generate revenue through fraud while defeating security enhancements introduced by Mobile App Markets. 
  • Attribution and malware family categorization reveals trends in the cybercriminal community. 
  • Malware risk categorization is vital for mobile threat defense in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) deployments. If an employee installs aggressive adware on a device, would that be enough to block access to corporate email on its own? What if the adware roots and places a backdoor? Categorization will help in such deployments.

Pedro Pablo Pérez, ElevenPaths CEO and Telefónica Global Security Managing Director, said “we are pleased to collaborate with Etisalat Digital to conduct this in-depth research and analysis on mobile threats. Cyber analysts can use Tacyt for manual or automated search, matching, and investigation of different parameters (metadata) within iOS and Android apps. This allows the identification of potential ‘singularities’, a concept which refers to whatever data (dates, size, images, digital certificates) – technical or circumstantial –makes the app or its developer – as a person – singular or unique from others.”

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