Eleven Paths is growing

Florence Broderick    14 June, 2013

Eleven Paths is growing. Apart from the people who joined from the beginning (just two months ago!), we’ve been hiring new employees that will have a key role in any product and service we are planning. Chema described in his post some of the new hirings; since Eleven Paths was presented last week we have received many curriculums that are being analyzed, thank you for your interest!

During the next days seven new employees will join us, but in this post we want to emphasize the hiring of the person who will be the responsible of our crazy ideas lab, Sergio de los Santos.
Many of you already know Sergio from his last company, Hispasec, where he was the manager of the SOC, the antifraud service, and the early warning service SANA; but maybe you also know him from famous service una-al-día, a pioneer in spanish language that is incredibly popular (if you are not subscribed, please do it now! 😉 )
Actually, there is an unanimous opinon that all his articles have an incredible quality (both from the technical and the redaction point of view). Sergio has a huge experience and knowledge about security and he has been a influential speaker in many presentations talking about different aspects of current malware and threats, or about his book ‘Máxima seguridad en Windows’.

Charla de Sergio de los Santos sobre malware from a diaz on Vimeo.

Eleven Paths is indubitably happy to hire profesionals like Sergio. He will lead our crazy ideas lab from Málaga; this new lab will develop fast and agile protoypes of those ideas we think can change and improve the world. When we talk about such ideas, we get some strange reactions, but we do think that there is a huge space for radical innovation about security. Sergio needs help, mainly developers, in Málaga, so if you live around and you are interested, do not hesitate to send us your resume!
Welcome Sergio!

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