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Beatriz Sanz Baños    27 December, 2018

In an increasingly digital world, technology innovation is an essential value. The adoption of new technologies and connectivity possibilities of Internet of Things (IoT) provides a great competitive advantage for companies. A good example of this is Things Ready Link.

How does it work?

Things Ready Link offers companies the possibility of connecting any type of device to their Information Systems, from fridges to industrial equipment. Having all these devices connected, companies could access to their information in real time, and also provide E2E digitization in its business processes.

In this way, any company can monitor at any time their statistical data to know how their connected devices are working, optimizing the cost of their operational processes, offering the best service to their customers. For instance, a restaurant could have current information about the temperature of their fridges or the stock for the coffee makers. Also, “As a service” business models are enabled, so manufacturers could commercialize their equipment to other companies as a service, making digitization more available.

Things Ready Link is an optimal solution to provide connectivity to devices, because it allows mobile communications and devices which adapt better to requirements of systems as well as the information they have to convey. It allows managing jointly and in a single location Kite platform, both communications and devices, which can be monitored and, if needed, work on them by remote control.

Who is intended for?

Integrate companies who develop monitoring solutions, remote control of devices, process automation to end customers and companies who offer equipment as a service are the main target, as they have a new and only contact point for communications and equipment, making their operative and logistic processes easier.

It’s also targeted to end customers who have so many divided devices to connect, like containers, fridges, vehicles, vending machines, urban furniture, industrial equipment, heavy machinery or remote facilities working in any market (farming, mining, business…), so they can:

  • Locate devices
  • Monitor or remote control devices
  • Improve customer service, that will allow to improve their engagement as well
  • Create new business models
  • Reduce maintenance cost thanks to process automation

ASTI’s commitment

On industrial environments, both automation and digitization of processes is critical, so companies have a big requirement of connectivity and integral solutions that will allow them to move forward on innovation.

One of the pioneers on digitization is ASTI Mobile Robotics, who relied on Telefónica to deploy IoT application to his business model, connecting his AGV’s robots (automated guided vehicles), in order to offer them to their customers as a service.

Enrique Sierra, ASTI’s I+D Development Manager explains: “This technological solution will allow to store the data machines produce in a server, so you could check the information about production and maintenance of those machines, with failure prediction before fails happen, to avoid stops, also improving a real time control of AGV’s”.

This example may be the impulse many companies need to strengthen their bet on digitization and be fully aware of taking IoT to their business models will be essential for future success.

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