Worker’s Diary IoT III

Beatriz Sanz Baños    18 December, 2018

18:00. Daniel arrives at school to pick up his children. He knows that they are still inside thanks to the trackers in their backpacks . While he is waiting for them, he can check the daily news on his smartwatch. When the children get in the car and buckle up their favorite show starts playing on the screen of the car. Magic they think, without knowing that their dad did it from the onboard navigator.

18:10. The next destination will be the shopping center. Before starting the march, Daniel consults on the GPS to see which one is the closest and to check the traffic status. Next, he programs the most efficient route, enough time for the kids to finish watching their episode. Perfect.

18:30. Daniel finds a parking lot easily at the mall through the parking app that informs him in real time. Afterwards, he invites his children to have a snack at a hamburger joint – Fridays are cool. They choose the products on the digital panel and make the payment with the discount coupons available on their smartphone.

19:00. Moment for purchases. Upon entering their favorite clothing store of the mall, the beacons devices automatically send personalized offers to Daniel’s smartphone. He decides to try on and he discovers that the mirror in the dressing room is smart and it proposes other garments that match his colors. Good choice, he thinks. He pays with his mobile thanks to NFC technology and then he picks up the kids from the playground to go back home. Mom will be arriving soon.

19:40. Upon reaching home, Daniel deactivates the alarm with his smartphone. Then he uses the smartphone again to open the garage door. Once inside, the smart coffee machine has prepared chocolate milk for the kids, they will enjoy it while watching the latest child movie downloaded on the smart TV. Daniel stares at the phone, who would have told him it would become the master key to his house.

19:50. Candela, Daniel’s wife, returns home in the carsharing vehicle she has booked with her wearable. It’s Friday and he wants to organize a family plan . Daniel finds on the tablet the offer of activities on the municipal website and, together, they decide to go see a play for all audiences.

20:00. The family goes walking to the theater. Daniel and Candela receive information on their smart bracelet that they have reached their daily step goals, and they still have to go back home! – Well done – . Once there, they access the site using the tickets on the screen readers that they have downloaded to their mobile phones.

21:45. Already at home. While Candela bathes at the right temperature thanks to the sensors in the shower, Daniel orders the dinner with his smartphone through a meal app at home. Thanks to GPS dealer, they know exactly when it will arrive.

22:30. The children have already had dinner and are in bed. Daniel and Candela know that the kids are fine thanks to the video images of their room that they receive in their tablet. In addition, temperature and humidity sensors make sure that there’s an excellent atmosphere in the house.

23:00. Rest time for dads too. They plan the Saturday morning from the bed. You will go out to exercise as a family, while Daniel and Candela run; the children will accompany them with their bikes. The sport activity will be reflected in their history thanks to the smart templates of the family shoes that send all the data to their smartphones. The addition of trackers to children’s bikes also reflects their activity, they love to get home and compare the results.

23:30. It’s time to rest. Phone in hand, Candela sets the alarm while Daniel lowers the blinds and switches off the lights from his phone. Good night family.

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