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Telefónica Tech    12 July, 2021
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It is increasingly common to come across concepts such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Cloud or Blockchain in any field and any conversation, disruptive technologies that are here to stay. A few years ago, these technologies were only known by a few experts but, more and more, we find them in everyday situations, so the interest and knowledge of these terms has grown exponentially, as well as their use in all kinds of businesses and services. This is why we have created an ecosystem of channels and content based on the knowledge of our experts and what we are learning day by day with our clients, so that you can keep up to date with the advances in these technologies.


We are Telefónica Tech and we are passionate about technology. What’s more, we are experts because we work with it on a daily basis, because we do research, because we share our passion with other experts and, above all, because we aim to use it for a purpose: to make people’s lives easier, with solutions that range from the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the development of family farms to the use of Blockchain to guarantee the traceability of the COVID19 vaccine.

You may be wondering where Telefónica Tech comes from, who we are and where our passion and expertise comes from. Here, let me tell you how we got here:

  • Cyber Security: for almost a decade, Telefónica has been clear that cyber security is of vital importance. As early as 2013, the prominent hacker Chema Alonso joined the company with Informática64, which gave way to ElevenPaths, first as Telefónica’s cyber security unit and, afterwards, as a company. Nowadays it is included in the holding’s subsidiary together with the Cloud business under ” Telefónica Tech Cyber Security & Cloud”.
  • Cloud: who hasn’t heard of “the Cloud”? Especially after a 2020 in which remote work conquered practically all sectors. One of the most mature and important new technologies, which will continue its rise with concepts such as Edge Computing and, as we have already mentioned, located very close to cyber security. Telefónica has a long history of activity in this area, which includes the presence of companies such as Acens, for example, which is currently also part of Telefónica Tech.
  • AI of Things: a few months ago we presented the concept of “Artificial Intelligence of Things“, which brings together several leading technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. The combination of these technologies gives rise to interesting solutions that allow us to provide our clients, and consequently the end user, with an improvement in the quality, sustainability and speed with which they receive the product or service purchased. The union of technology companies such as onthespot or LUCA with the Telefónica IoT area resulted in this innovative concept focused on helping companies in their digital transformation.

In this video we summarise everything we do at Telefónica Tech:

Writing our own story

In just two years of existence, Telefónica Tech has reached several remarkable milestones, signing a multitude of agreements with major companies such as Microsoft and Siemens. We have acquired companies such as Altostratus, received ratings from leading industry analysts such as recognition as a leader in the Gartner quadrant of managed IoT services for the seventh time or recognition as a leader in leveraging unique customer and network data by Forrester. In addition, we have collaborated with the Movistar Team and have committed to innovation and startups business with the creation of Telefónica Tech Ventures. We have also created an ecosystem with the best partners to extend our own capabilities and generate a complete set of solutions adapted to the needs of today’s clients.

Where can you find us?

We are present in the main social media networks. In each of them you will find our content, adapted to the characteristics of each network. Do you want to keep up to date with what’s happening at Telefónica Tech? Follow us on our accounts:

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