We Acquire iHackLabs to Boost the Training of Our Ethical Hackers

Alberto Cuesta Partida    7 September, 2020
We acquire iHackLabs to boost the training of our ethical hackers

Following recent acquisition of Govertis, we are still looking for startups with interesting initiatives that can help us continue grow and establish ourselves as leaders in cyber security services. Following the creation of Telefónica Tech and with the aim of becoming an independent company that allows us to grow in all possible ways, today we announce the acquisition of iHackLabs, a company specialised in the education and training of cybersecurity professionals.

As head of detection and response services (MDR, Managed Detection & Response) and offensive security (OSS, Offensive Security Services), which includes Telefónica’s Blue Team and Red Team , whose mission is to respond to incidents and carry out simulations of real attacks on our customers, I am delighted about this new acquisition. In this way, our team of experts will take a step forward in offensive and defensive security and incident management, thereby,  improving their skills and growing as cyber security professionals. In such changing environment as cyberthreats, it is very important to have the best cybersecurity professionals, and we are going to achieve this by having the next generation of computer security professionals within the ElevenPaths team.

In addition to this, iHackLabs has different platforms and laboratories for training in the cloud under a SaaS (Security as a Service) model, in which they recreate real threat environments adapted to the specific needs of companies and organisations. They have platforms with the capacity to recreate a complete cycle of ransomware and denial of service attacks.

Our relationship with iHackLabs began in 2018, when we advised Wayra, Telefónica’s global open innovation hub, to make an investment in the startup of Miguel Rego, CEO of iHackLabs. Having just landed in Spain at the beginning of that year, we have not stopped being in contact with them in search of collaborations and investments, and we have finally succeeded. The capabilities of the platforms and solutions developed by iHackLabs are at the forefront of cybersecurity training. Combining these characteristics with our team of highly qualified professionals will ensure that we have the best talent in the sector as the company keeps growing. Moreover, we will be expanding our training offerings to our clients, both in the private and public sectors.

We are looking forward to forming a single team with this acquisition in order to train our professionals and those of our clients, to be able to offer them the most specific solutions to their needs. One of our priorities is continuous training to anticipate and deal with the increasingly frequent and diverse cyberattacks.

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