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AI of Things    22 January, 2018
On November 21st 2017, we hosted a webinar about accelerating the digital transformation with LUCA’s Smart Digits product portfolio. Smart Digits is a B2B platform and set of secure REST-based API services that allow access to unique, personal, data insights. Service providers can use these insights to transform and enhance their customer experiences and user journeys, while at the same time improving security and reducing fraud.

Uniquely, the Smart Digits insights are always bound to a mobile phone number, which in turn links to a person’s identity. Given that there is nearly 100% penetration of mobile phones globally, we can offer insights at scale. The LUCA Smart Digits products comply fully with the Telefónica data principles of security, transparency and empowerment. The products are also GDPR ready and can operate under a number of lawful data processing bases depending upon the product, use-case and territory.
Telefónica is leading a collaboration, along with the GSMA of global mobile operators to develop identity and attribute products and services, under the framework of Mobile Connect. Our ambition, in collaboration with other Telcos, is to have Mobile Connect aligned identity services available across all mobile operators in the markets where we operate. This will offer excellent product coverage across mobile operators for local and global service providers wishing to consume our products.
A view from space of Earth at night.
Figure 1 : Mobile Connect from Telefónica aims to bring identift services to operators all over the world.

Service providers in many different verticals can use Smart Digits to both improve the customer experience as well as improving levels of security. In the webinar, we introduced four products from the portfolio:

  1. LUCA Account Takeover Protection to allow SPs to make better informed risk decisions when using mobile channels for one-time passwords
  2. LUCA Verify to verify the end user’s mobile number instantly and securely via the mobile network
  3. LUCA Match to verify end user data, for example name and address
  4. LUCA Sign-Up to allow faster and easier form filling on mobile devices for consumers
Bringing it all together, we presented one digital transformation case study where we can help credit card issuers reinvent the customer experience for credit card applications via mobile devices. Today, when applying for a credit card on a mobile device, the application form can take a long time to complete, especially so on a small screen with a small keyboard. Even if the customer enters all their information successfully on the application form and the credit card application is approved they still need to wait 1-2 weeks normally to receive their new credit card.

Image of a credit card being used to make an online purchase.
Figure 2 : The Smart Digits portfolio can help customers save time when applying for a credit card online.
By using LUCA Verify, LUCA ATP and LUCA Sign-Up we can help credit card issuers transform their mobile credit card application experience while also maintaining high levels of security. Through LUCA Verify and LUCA ATP, the card issuer can verify the mobile phone number and check the mobile account has not been compromised, quickly and seamlessly. By using LUCA Sign-Up and with the consent of the customer, the application form can be pre-filled with customer data held by Telefónica and making the whole application process faster and more secure. Finally, thanks to the additional identity checks and reduced risks, card issuers can now issue a digital credit card straight to the digital wallet on the customer’s smartphone, allowing them to start spending right away, just 5 minutes after their successful application. Of course, the physical card will still follow in the mail 1-2 weeks later.
LUCA is working with leading global brands to integrate our Mobile Connect aligned Smart Digits products to help them transform their digital experiences while maintaining high levels of security, benefiting our B2B Enterpise customers and over 300m O2, Movistar and Vivo customers across the Telefónica footprint.
Content originally written by Daniel Torres Laguardia, Head of Scoring at LUCA, and Glyn Povah, Head of Smart Digits at LUCA 
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