TOP 5: The 5 most read posts of Synergic Partners

Carlos Lorenzo    7 December, 2018
Today we have an important announcement, as you know Synergic Partners has been integrated into LUCA, the data unit of Telefónica, and with the aim of continuing to offer the best content we have decided to add both blogs and keep our publications in LUCA. In this sense, and in honour of the last post published by Synergic, we bring you its 5 most read post
In no specific order, the first post that we share is one that it was well received as it explained, in a very schematic and concise way, the journey of Machine Learning since its beginning. Dating back to the first great milestone in 1950 with the “Turing Test“, where the machine had to be able to deceive a human into believing that it was human instead of a computer, arriving in 2016, when Google DeepMind defeated the world’s best Go player Lee Sedol 5 games to 1.

In the current scenario where we are, a so-called data economy, it is essential that all companies have a deep knowledge of the value of their own data for the business. To do this, they must adapt their workforce with new profiles capable of extracting knowledge of their data. The Chief Data Officer emerges with a fundamental role in this transition process. Here our next featured post:
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are in the public eye, and new words are also emerging, we now talk of Machine Learning and Deep Learning within the AI family. The following post that we bring here explains just these terms in a very simple way and brings us closer to the potential that has the application of these techniques for companies.
One of the great challenges that the analysis of a huge amount of data has is to know how to translate it clearly so that anyone can understand it, we speak of thousands of variables, millions of data. Therefore, it is almost as important to have the data as to know how to show them. In this outstanding post we find this other side of the coin, we talk about telling stories through the data, that the data speak to us.
Finally, we leave you with the most read post on our blog. It may be because it is the daily life of all data scientists. We talk about the things to take into account when standardizing data, with a technical focus but at the same time brief and practical.

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