The trip experience starts at the airport

Beatriz Sanz Baños    16 December, 2019

Madrid, December 6, 2019, 11:00 a.m.

César starts his vacation today. He is very excited because it will be the first time he travels to Asia. He begins an exciting journey where he will discover Vietnam and Cambodia. We can see how he crosses the security control of Terminal 4 of the Adolfo Suarez Barajas airport in Madrid and heads towards the T4S terminal.

Once he leaves the automatic train, which connects both terminals, he appears in front of the Dufry store. Normally, César would run through the store, but there are two hours left before he has to board the flight, so he decides to cross it calmly looking for some Dufry bargain. He becomes aware of the multitude of screens around him. The lighting, music and sound create such an environment that he feels like he is inside a show.

César goes to the perfume area and realizes that the messages on the screens are changing. “It seems as if the room is speaking directly to you and telling you just what you need,” he thinks.

The automation of the platform allows the communication to be adapted to the languages ​​and tastes of the passengers who go to their boarding gate. The technology allows us to know which areas are the most visited, what we look for the longest, what makes us “click” or what does not interest us.

Finally, we see how César finds the product he wanted and approaches the cashier area to pay. That’s where he begins the experience of his dream trip; at the airport Dufry store.

Learn about the complete success case and the experience of César from the  protagonists of the project in the following video

Transform the store to transform the shopping experience

Internet of Things solutions personalize the advertising shown in the store according to the profile of those who are travelling to the boarding gate. So we go from transforming the store to transform the shopping experience.

In the Internet of Things area of ​​Telefónica we accompany companies like Dufry on their journey towards digital transformation. This is how we have given the clients of Dufry, one of the most important Dufry chain stores in the world that has 2,200 stores in 64 countries, a unique experience while they shop in Dufry stores.

All the technological solutions installed are integrated in the smart Spotdyna platform of Telefónica.

Based on the data IoT collects locally, each store can adjust their settings to the specific needs of the moment with changes in audio, video, lighting or messages.

Once the data is collected, it is processed on the platform they operate in the cloud. And finally, the analytical part of the platform is carried out, where the retailer can know both the anonymized data related to the business itself and what happens in the store as well as the operating parameters of the devices that are integrated into the platform.

This way we can have the precise information to save time for the traveler and improve their experience while they go to their next destination.

Dufry stores are already connected with people, a clear advantage over the competition that will allow them to position themselves as a leaders in digital retail.

Do you also think that the stores speak to you and help you in your purchase?

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