The importance of labeling: spotlabel

Salmerón Uribes Marina    15 January, 2019

In an increasingly digitized world, technological innovation is a fundamental value. The adoption of new technologies and the possibilities of connectivity offered by Internet of Things can give a great competitive advantage for companies. A good example of this is spotlabel, a solution designed to revolutionize fashion, retail or distribution companies by converting them into smart stores.

spotlabel is a digital labeling system that is easy to install and self-managed, with which companies can create smart points of sale. The store that incorporates this solution thus becomes a communication channel of small format, dynamic and attractive, which immediately informs the genre that is in store, of the products displayed and promotions.

Customers find, when entering the store, screens placed over strategic areas, where they can see information related to the item they are interested in: the price, features or discounts. Assigning product information to a label or sending it to one of the multiple screens is simple and accessible to any of your employees from a web interface or from a smartphone.

spotlabel helps companies manage the products in their catalog and the way they are displayed in the store. It allows, for example, adding, editing or deleting items from the catalog in a simple way, exporting the catalog at any time, process promotions, configuring the store screens and organizing the labeling among other things.

The digital labeling is, in addition, another piece in the task of transforming the physical store as a purely transactional place in a space where the important thing is to generate an experience that emotionally connects the customer with the brand.

This IoT solution is especially aimed at distribution companies, fashion or Retail. GOCCO is an example of a fashion company that has already successfully incorporated this product, in the hands of Telefónica.

In 2016, the first fully connected children’s and youth clothing Flagship was presented in Madrid, which included spotengage among its IoT solutions.

The CEO of GOCCO pointed out that “the use of technology in the new generation of stores must be transparent for the customer and has a triple objective: to provide a much more pleasant shopping experience, facilitate the purchasing process by providing information from the different contact points of the client with the brand and provide product information that helps us improve our collections “.

The store was also equipped with smart testers, social wifi, piped music and dynamic marketing through a videowall.

The incorporation of spotlabel improves, both the customer experience, which has all the information of the product within its reach (even if there is no stock in the establishment), as well as that of the employee, who gains efficiency in his work and can offer personalized attention.

This new digital labeling system has innumerable benefits: it reduces the updating times of the exhibitors, eliminates the human errors that occur during the labeling and saves the cost of printing that is derived from the traditional paper system. The move to a digital and connected system also promotes an agile, dynamic, immediate and centralized update of the contents of the labels.

In addition, it takes advantage of the new communication channel formed by screens distributed throughout the store for the diffusion of dynamic and innovative content. This favors the consolidation of the brand image, on the one hand, and conversion of consumers, on the other, which increases sales.

Solutions such as spotlabel ensure that customers have an experience in the actual physical point of sale given that their true needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. Offers, promotions, launches, etc … are updated at the moment with an image that enriches the user experience at the point of sale and that offers the customer what he needs at all times thanks to the implementation of technology: the simplicity in the purchase provides the client with different shopping experience.

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