The connected football stadiums

Salmerón Uribes Marina    18 January, 2019

The Wanda Metropolitan Stadium of Club Atlético de Madrid is the most intelligent stadium in Europe today. After the emergence of Telefónica as an official technology provider, the possibilities at the digital level multiplied placing it in the Champions League of stadiums. In fact, it has been awarded as the best stadium in the 2018 Industry Awards of the World Football Summit. In the words of Jose María Álvarez Pallete, CEO of Telefónica: “It is the first 100% digital IP stadium in Europe”.

The project needed the installation of 6,000 network outlets, 1,500 WiFi access points, 1,000 kilometers of fiber and almost 500 kilometers of UTP-type cables. In addition to multiplying the possibilities of connection during sporting events, the rojiblanco club wants to position its stadium as a reference space for concerts or other events.

“Being a technological provider of the Wanda Metropolitano is a comprehensive project that goes far beyond providing coverage to the stadium. It is the first 100% digital stadium in Europe “, said Javier Vizcaíno, director of companies of Telefónica Spain. On the other hand, from the rojiblanco club they affirm that agreements of this level “make a difference in the experience of our fans”, as celebrated by Iñigo Aznar, commercial director of the Atlético de Madrid.

The Wanda Metropolitan Stadium is the most intelligent stadium in Europe

The club wants to ensure the connection with an eye on all the services they can offer, but they have also thought about the fans, which will not have coverage problems thanks to the symmetric 10 Gb distributed in double microLAN access. This agreement also includes an integral control unit to centralize the security of the enclosure with 120 closed-circuit cameras that controls 300 doors and an exclusive system that prevents network intrusions.

The ‘ribbon board’ of LG screens surrounding the grandstand is also unique in Europe. It is composed of 530 square meters of LED panels that make up a 360º ring in the lower tier of the Metropolitan. This mega screen and the more of 1.000 screens distributed throughout the stadium, the video markers and the large outdoor LED screen that welcomes fans, provide a unique audiovisual experience. All these devices, of course, are connected via WiFi to the control center.

In addition, the multipurpose room, which has the main functions of press room and auditorium for 400 people, has been equipped with infrastructure and 4K projection, simultaneous translation, press booths and 5.1 surround sound. At the same time, screens have been integrated into the VIP boxes in the seats, monitors have been placed in the ticket offices, screens have been placed in the changing rooms for each player who show their name with their photo and on the west side of The stadium they have installed a 34 m² LED screen capable of reproducing images and videos to boost the main façade of the building.

Fans enjoy a unique experience  thanks to IoT

As for the lighting of the Metropolitan Wanda, the Atlético de Madrid stadium is the first in the world to use LED technology entirely. The installation consists of 20,257 luminaires and 336 projectors for the playing field, a combination that allows a total of 16 million colors which will create luminous shows, interacting with the lighting of the roofs. 

Thanks to the implementation of communications, connectivity and technological solutions in all facilities, fans that come to the stadium enjoy a unique experience not only for the game they will enjoy but for how they will live the game thanks to IoT.

Since the arrival of the fans at the stadium with video markers, ‘ribbon board’, lighting, digital signage, WiFi … they will not lose detail of what really matters, thus covering their needs. All to enjoy a stable and secure connection during the shows that turns this stadium into a technological reference and offers fans an unprecedented, totally innovative and connected user experience.

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