The “Cable Girls” of today

Beatriz Sanz Baños    11 February, 2019

Technological revolutions, such as the growth of Internet of Things, generate disruptive social changes. One of the most important consequences is the great boost they generate for the development of gender equality.

Similarly, to the effect of the invention of the telephone and the creation of large companies such as Telefónica, which meant the active incorporation of women into the labor market in Madrid in the 20s of the last century, the development of IoT also It is a great step for the promotion of equity and women´s rights in the workplace.

The “Cable girls” of yesteryear are the developers of today’s IoT software solutions that make life easier for millions of people around the world.

Female talent is key in the digital transformation. The management of diversity in the business sector is a competitive factor that encourages innovation and generates value for society in general. To achieve these objectives, it is essential to guarantee equal opportunities, reduce the lack of women in positions of responsibility and move forward in the development of good practices.

The “Cable girls” of yesteryear are the developers of today’s IoT software solutions

Telefónica’s Women In Leadership program is a prefect example of this, it aims to accelerate the professional career and increase the level of visibility of women with great leadership potential within the company. The program includes elements of leadership training, digital skills, mentoring and networking.

The connected technological solutions also favor the reconciliation between family and work life. The labor flexibility offered by companies such as Telefónica today allows its employees to be much more productive and for men and women have equal in opportunities when tackling ambitious professional challenges.

One example of this has been the launch of “Intelligent Work” at Telefónica, a formula which allows employees to have flexible working hours, which they choose based on their objectives. In this way, initiatives such as teleworking are encouraged. In addition, collaborative work spaces have been made available to employees and has given access to a greater availability of schedules and varieties of shared work have been facilitated to improve the balance between work and personal life. Also, the company has provided teachers and caregivers for the children and the WMAD Community has been created, which brings together all these employees to offer them a support network.

Another case that demonstrates the technological feminine protagonism is the European Center for Women and Technology (ECWT), a European association composed of more than 130 organizations that counts among its members with women experts in technology development and women that come from governmental, business, academic and non-profit organizations. This organization works to increase the number of girls and women in technology, guarantee the gender dimension of the digital agenda and integrate women in design, research, innovation, production and the use of ICT; including training plans in digital skills and Smart Cities.

Female talent is key in the digital transformation

Initiatives such as this strengthen the female role in the technological industry. Among the women with important roles in the sector, we pay tribute to Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM and responsible for the cloud platforms and data analysis of the company; Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube; Meg Whitman, who has held senior management positions in Silicon Valley companies, as president and CEO of Hewlett Packard; Safra Catz, co-CEO of the Oracle software giant, or our colleagues at Telefónica IoT: Sandra Fernández Curias, Innovation&Scouting Manager and Rosalía Simón, Director IoT Product.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science reminds us once again the importance of women in technological innovation and the application of IoT solutions. Technological development is possible thanks to everyone. Therefore creating a much more humane world, connecting people´s lives with their needs and improving their day to day with IoT.

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