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AI of Things    11 January, 2019

Over the last 10 years, the amount of data we have generated has soared to unprecedented heights. It is said that by 2020, each person will be generating 1.7 MB every second. This accumulates to over 44 trillion GB of data around the world, known as Big Data

Knowledge and understanding of Big Data has become extremely desired across all sectors, and so educating one’s self on this topic is highly recommended to increase employability. As with the big data boom, the number of big data certifications is expanding rapidly, and are in great demand.

These qualifications are offered across various platforms including from vendors, educational institutes and independent or industrial bodies.

Below we will show you some of the most popular and successful certification courses:

Vendor courses 

EdXData Science Essentials

Provided by Microsoft, this course forms part of the Professional Program Certificate in Data Science. Students should have an introductory knowledge of programming languages such as R or Python before starting the course. Students will develop an understanding of probability and statistics, visualisation, data exploration and Machine Learning (at an introductory level using the Microsoft Azure Framework). The course material is free, but students can opt to pay 90 dollars for an official certificate. 

IBMData Science Fundamentals

IBM´s rebranded online portal Cognitive Class, offers a program that covers data science 101, methodology, programming in R, and open source tools. 20 hours is the estimated time needed to complete all of these areas, depending on the students starting capability level. 

DataquestBecome a Data Scientist

As one of the few independent online training providers, Dataquest offers free access to the majority of its materials, although there is the option to pay for a premium service which includes tutored projects. It’s a good way to see if you would enjoy studying data science or not, as it offers three different career paths for consideration; data analyst, data scientist and data engineer.

CourseraData Science Specialization

Offered through John Hopkins University, Coursera is one of the longest-running data science education platforms. Although the course isn´t completely free, this amount can be waived for students who don´t have the financial resources. It is made up of 10 course and covers natural language processing, cluster analysis, programming in R and applications of Machine Learning. Students are encouraged to create a data product that can be used in the real-world to solve problems. 

The Open Source Data Masters

This course is comprised of a collection of free, open source resources. Natural language processing of the Twitter API using Python, Hadoop MapReduce, SQL and n SQL databases and data visualisation are covered in the course. Students can also develop their understanding of algebra and statistics needed to understand the fundamentals of data science.

Educational Institutes

Data Science Certification from Harvard University

This program covers the key data science essentials such as R and machine learning. It uses real-world case studies to help the learning process, spread across 9 immersive courses. It is one of the highest-rated online masters programs available. Students will learn all about probability, visualisation, inference and modelling, linear regression and machine learning (to name a few).

Data Science and Statistics Certification from MIT

Comprised of 5 courses, this program will help strengthen your understanding of the foundation of data science, statistics and machine learning. Students will have the chance to learn about big data analysis and learn how to make data-driven predictions through statistical inference and probabilistic modelling.

Here are some more platforms offering Data Science Certifications:

SAP Hana Certification

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty

Micro Focus Vertica

MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

Introduction to R for Data Science

EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certifications

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