Our Telegram channel CyberSecurityPulse has already a webpage

Innovation and Laboratory Area in ElevenPaths    14 January, 2020
Our Telegram channel CyberSecurityPulse has already a webpage

Our Telegram channel CyberSecurityPulse has exceeded all our expectations: it already has more than 3000 subscribers. Considering it is a Telegram channel in Spanish addressing cybersecurity news not so generic, synthetic and, to top it all off, without a headline … we are surprised and pleased. Users have asked us for a website with the contents to be able to consume and reference them more easily… And here it is.


#CyberSecurityPulse was born as an ElevenPaths mailing list where news on cybersecurity was recapped twice a month. But as of January 2019, it becomes an output Telegram channel where we publish a summary of the news that we consider most interesting in the world of cybersecurity. In 2020 subscribers will also have a webpage to read the news, and what’s more: news will be available in Spanish and English.

It is not a summary of news from the blog (that’s what our Twitter is already for), but an additional channel that will keep you updated on the most interesting or relevant news about cybersecurity. They are accompanied by a summary or reflection on the highlight of the issue from our point of view, always preferably technical. News has no title or headline to encourage full reading (and is usually around 300 words maximum).

The frequency of publication will be as demanded by the news, with special focus on relevant vulnerabilities, news about cryptography, interesting alerts and facts, as well as reflections that we believe that they deserve to be shared.

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