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Telefónica Tech    9 March, 2022

In a previous post of our blog, we already told you how the combination of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Iot and Big Data, the “Artificial Intelligence of Things”, helps us to have a safer, more efficient, sustainable and human life.

AI of Things, the Artificial Intelligence of Things

What is the real meaning of Artificial Intelligence of Things? It may look like something new, but if we get to know its meaning, we will realize that it is already present in our daily lives. And it is not a fleeting thing, it is here to stay.

Discover the full potential of AI of Things on the new website

The new AI of Things website is the perfect place to learn about our wide portfolio of solutions for mobility management, industry 5.0, smart spaces, companies looking for energy monitoring and management or advertising solutions. In addition, our capabilities in connectivity, professional services in strategic consulting and advanced analytics and training, AI & Business Insights platforms and technological enablers such as Blockchain, allow us to offer all the potential derived from the union of IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

This union allows us to accompany organisations of all types of industries in their digital transformation. Thanks to the sectoral value proposition, designed for more than 12 sectors and resolved in 140 use cases, we help transform organisations in sectors such as mobility, transport, tourism, logistics and distribution, utilities and many others.

All this is reflected in the extensive gallery of success stories of customers who have already relied on the solutions and capabilities that we offer from Telefónica Tech AI of Things and that show how solutions based on IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies are already a reality in society.

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-AI of Things. Join the magic-

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