Telefónica IoT and Honda reduce motorbikes robbery

Beatriz Sanz Baños    13 May, 2019

Pucallpa, located in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, has a big concern with the safety of their citizens and their vehicles. With a population of 200.000 inhabitants, the motorcycle is the easiest way to move around the city.

However, the main problem for those who live there is only one: security. Well, the lack of security. The bikes are a comfortable way of transport, easy to park and to drive around, but they are also easier to steal. This problem significantly started to affect the best-selling brand in the area.

Honda, for its quality and reputation is a reference brand among the citizens who wanted to buy a motorcycle. However, that recognized prestige started to become a scourge for the selling brands.  With the stealing problem in the city, having a Honda was a risk, paying a higher price for the ransom from the thieves after being stolen.

How could the Internet of Things help to reduce the kidnapping problem? Telefonica contacted the main motorcycle dealer of the city and proposed to apply a solution, and started to track all the Hondas wherever they were in real time.

This device has an incorporated GPS, a SIM card similar to the ones in the telephones, and an accelerometer that allows them to know all the mobility data. The device is strategically located to be invisible and this way the users regained the trust in the brand and were confident to show off their Honda.

In addition, when buying a “connected” motorcycle, the owners have an application on their smartphones that offers all the information that they need about the bike. The feeling of tranquility and control over your vehicle is total. So much so that Honda dealers refer to the IoT device as “a series reassuring”, which allows motorists to attend work or dine in a restaurant with their family or friends without the fear of being robbed, or knowing that, if it is stolen, in a few hours and thanks to the GPS location, they will be able to recover it.

The data offered by the application is:  The possibility of knowing the exact location (with good GPS and telephone signal) if the motorbike has been moved. In addition, they can see the time the motorcycle was parked, request for the location in real time, make an emergency call and share it with anyone they want.

Not only the safety of motorcycles, but also the motorists are safer now thanks to the device. By having a GPS that sends the exact coordinates of the location of the motorcycle, in case of an accident it sends an emergency message so that medical teams can help and get to the exact point where the accident has taken place.

So, with the implementation of the IoT on their motorcycle and in their lives, Honda users feel safe in a cybersecurity and physical way. In fact, the riders have commented to Telefónica IoT that they feel they are not the ones who have to worry about their motorcycle, now it is their motorcycle the one who cares about them.

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