Telefónica Activation Programme: Innovate with IoT

Olivia Brookhouse    1 June, 2020

Creating and inventing technological products and solutions. Anticipating the needs of the future and helping the transition to the digital era. Do you know who we are talking about? Yes, we are talking about startups, companies founded by one or more entrepreneurs with a high capacity for rapid growth.

However, a lot of the time they need resources so that time does not play against them, since tech projects can become obsolete in the time it takes to launch them.

Telefónica Activation Programme was created to help entrepreneurs minimize the time to market of their IoT solutions.

In this post we tell you about the experience of several startups that participated and benefited from everything Telefonica Activation Programme has to offer.


This startup was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing solutions to tackle the problems arising from climate change and to improve the environment. With this objective, they propose to eliminate the need for batteries for electronic devices, which would be self-powered by converting the heat they generate from their operation into electrical energy. 

To start the project, AEInnova had three basic needs: financing, knowledge and market entry.  To solve them, it enlisted the help of Telefónica, which contributes the experience of its qualified technicians, the infrastructure of The Thinx laboratories and the opportunities of its commercial network.


This shared mobility platform helps fleet managers accelerate their transition to sustainable mobility. Thanks to the Kite Platform, they benefit from hardware to connect vehicles to the cloud and from APIs to receive and monitor data in real time. They can set up alerts should any technical problems arise, thus ensuring the safety of the fleet and the drivers.

Eccocar is linked to Wayra Germany and has a double relationship with Telefónica: on the one hand, it offers corporate car sharing services to its operating fleet; on the other hand, it complements Telefónica’s connected car services by offering automatic rental APPs to rent-a-cars and other mobility solutions.


At Plantae they design and develop sensors with wireless technology to optimise irrigation in agriculture and professional gardening. These devices use radio frequency and GPRS technology to measure and send data on soil moisture, temperature and conductivity to the cloud in real time. The information is accessible from any mobile device, which allows the optimization of irrigation while saving water and energy.

Plantae sensors are already being used in gardens, agricultural plantations and football and golf courses throughout Spain. Even so, the startup continues to optimise its solution in The Thinx laboratories, as a preliminary step to marketing it in Latin American markets with the support of Telefónica.

These digital entrepreneurial projects show us the great potential of IoT to successfully develop new business models that have a positive impact on society as a whole. Telefónica’s support, through the IoT Activation program, has been fundamental in achieving this.

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