The Technological Revolution in The Medical Sector

Telefónica Tech    11 August, 2021

The medical sector, and everything around it, is one of the most sensitive sectors, due to the delicacy and importance of its data, and the direct relationship it has with all of us. Even more so, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which it has acquired so much importance.

That is why it is particularly important at this time to take medicine to the next level, applying technology to streamline processes that can eventually save lives.

In this article we compile several of the posts we have recently published related to this sector.

Security in mobile applications

The security and privacy of our data is crucial, but if we are talking about data related to our health, it is even more important. Being able to use apps to make appointments or check test results makes our lives easier, but are mobile applications related to the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) secure?

Technology and data in laboratories

Medical laboratories have been of particular relevance in recent times with research and development focused, as mentioned above, on the search for an effective vaccine, or several vaccines, against the coronavirus.

In this post by our expert Carlos Ávila, we analyse how laboratories manage data and the security of the mobile applications they use.

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