Take control of your vehicles with Fleet Optimise

Beatriz Sanz Baños    28 February, 2019

Mobility has become more intelligent thanks to the presence of IoT. In the same way that users use the connected solutions to make more efficient journeys or to park more easily, companies can also benefit from this technology by optimising the management of their vehicles. Fleet Optimize is one of the best options for this.

How does it work?

Fleet Optimize is a B2B service for fleet management that works from the quick and easy installation of a small IoT device in the OBD port of the vehicles. Once installed, you can obtain real-time information on GPS location, driving habits and vehicle engine data, such as mileage or fuel level.

As an integrated service in the cloud, Fleet Optimize allows users to access the information at anytime and anywhere, facilitating their management through personalized reports and alerts. Thanks to this, they can know the use and status of the fleet, its GPS location, fuel consumption, mileage, vehicle breakdowns, the behaviour of the driver behind the wheel and even detect fraud attempts. Among its main features, we can also find the configuration of control panels to support decision-making, the creation of alerts, integration with customer systems or the use of various accessories such as the panic button for emergencies.

Who is it for?

Fleet Optimise is aimed at most sectors and types of companies, especially for those with fleets of vehicles or businesses where transport is an essential asset for its development, such as Rent-a-Car companies, Renting / Leasing, transportation, sales force, field strength or security.

Fleet Optimise brings the following benefits to companies:

  • Reduction of operating costs and optimize the use of your vehicles
  • Protection of your vehicles, employees and cargo, monitoring their status in real time, and detect anomalous situations.
  • Maximize the availability of your fleet, thanks to preventive maintenance and the anticipation of breakdowns based on real vehicle data: revolutions (rpm), speed, consumption and downtime.
  • Improves driver habits by tracking navigation routes, speed and acceleration, braking and sudden turns.

All types of vehicles, from light vehicles to industrial machinery, can benefit from these advantages as it is a plug & play device that does not require professional installation, and that will function by simply connecting it to the vehicle’s OBD port. In addition, the service is offered globally in all the countries where Telefónica is present, being a modular service that adapts to the needs of each client and offers a customized solution that can be integrated with its own systems.

For these reasons, Fleet Optimise is one of the global and a reference in the industry, with more than one and a half a million vehicles connected. Europcar, Ferrovial, Fujitsu, Hertz, Honda or Telefónica itself, are some of the successful companies that already enjoy the service offered by Telefónica. Some of them have even received international recognition for incorporating these types of solutions in their businesses, such as Ferrovial, which was awarded by EnerTic for its commitment to innovation in energy efficiency.

The connectivity allows the monitoring of driving, the optimization of costs, the increase of productivity and safety in the fleets of vehicles. A more sustainable mobility is possible with Fleet Optimize.

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