Success Story: Using Big Data to improve Tourism with Iberostar

AI of Things    10 December, 2019

In today’s data story, we talk about some of the main applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence within the tourism sector. In this case, the hotel chain, Iberostar, has been able to solve a vital business need, to gain a complete understanding of the profile of its clients to target them effectively. This has been achieved thanks to insights provided by new data sources.

Iberostar has been able to extract vital information from the insights provided by LUCA about those who move around the company’s premises, such as their psychographic profile, place of residence and their most visited locations, all from aggregated and anonymised telco data.

Iberostar has used this information in two ways: firstly, to inform geomarketing processes to redistribute sales teams to travel agencies in areas where there was a high proximity of potential clients. Secondly by identifying customers tastes, hobbies and places of origin… of not only current customers but external audiences, Iberostar could also optimize their ecommerce processes by personalising the experience.

Oscar Luis González explains the Iberostar Project with LUCA

The experience with LUCA has been very profitable, we are very satisfied and we believe that it represents a very successful application of Big Data in the world of tourism

Óscar Luis González, Global Marketing Director at Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

With LUCA crowd analytics solutions, such as LUCA Tourism, we gain a complete understanding of the offline and online target audiences of our clients, always ensuring privacy and data security by adhering to the regulations in each country in which we work. These insights, together with those already obtained by the client on their online channels, allow the optimization of brand presence.

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