Are data-driven strategies in the energy sector competitive? Naturgy proves it.

AI of Things    13 August, 2019

In today’s data story, we explore the success story of a large energy company, Naturgy, and how its digital transformation process towards becoming a data-driven company is already having a big impact, allowing them to position themselves as one of the leading companies in their sector.

Within the Development Framework of the Center Of Excellence (CoE), inorder to meet the centralization needs of both analytical initiatives and organizational needs, as an essential first step, it was necessary to define the strategic transformation plan within this data-oriented organization.

In order to tackle the challenge, with the help of the LUCA Consulting & Analytics, a global strategic assessment approach based on 4 axes was proposed.

  • Technology: evaluation of the current Big Data platform to provide a reference architecture on which to implement use cases.
  • Organization: defining an organizational structure capable of supporting the internal data governance program.
  • People: evaluation of internal skills with the purpose of offering them a training plan using the Tshape methodology.
  • Business: evaluation of the current level of analytical maturity and identification and prioritization of new use cases.

This allowed the execution of 3 use cases due to successful identification and prioritisation during the assessment process, as well as an analytical data audit project, which concerned multi-country infrastructure.

So what is the impact of this strategic approach on business and profits? Ramón Morote, Naturgy’s CDO, confirms the use of Big Data tools in a company like Naturgy could have “a direct impact on the business” in several areas.

The Project demonstrates the level of maturity of the company regarding its various data disciplines and how, thanks to LUCA’s experience, it has been feasible to obtain a tactical and strategic solution in all 4 areas of the project.

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