Strata Data Conference London 2017

LUCA    11 April, 2017
The upcoming Strata Data Conference London 2017 event aims to bring together the best data scientists from across the world, presenting the most innovative trends and solutions related to Big Data and data science. The event is taking place between the 23rd and 25th of May at the Excel Convention Centre at the Royal Victoria Dock.

Synergic Partners, the Big Data consultancy company which is part of LUCA, will be the only Spanish company to feature amongst the sponsors and speakers at the Strata Data Conference London 2017. CEO and co-founder Carme Artigas will lead the participation on one talk whilst Arturo Bayo will also feature on May 24th. Carme Artigas will present the “Analytics Centers of Excellence as a way to accelerate Big Data adoption by businesses”. This will focus on the creation of data-led businesses instead of only one department focusing on data that there is an overall data focus for each business. Arturo Bayo will present “The multitenant ecosystem for efficient Big Data solutions”, which will focus on efficient ways for businesses to exchange IT resources. Other speakers at the event range from Google and Uber through to Santander UK and DataKind UK.

Carme Artigas
Figure 2: Carme Artigas CEO of Synergic Partners.
The event will give participants the possibility to gain training and insight making it a truly worthwhile and beneficial experience. It provides attendees with the chance to network but within a more casual and relaxed environment taking the pressure that sometimes comes with events off.
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