Stela FileTrack protagonist of the 6th Security Innovation Day Edition

ElevenPaths    13 November, 2018

The Telefónica’s Cybersecurity Unit helds its 6th Security Innovation Day, under the motto Game Is Never Over.

  • Stela FileTrack, a new solution to protect organization’s sensitive documentary information.
  • The Telefónica’s SOC located in Madrid, a highly-qualified incident response team available 24×7.
  • Faast for WordPress and mASAPP Online, focused on online sales, are put on the market.
  • New IoT security services, based on Telefónica’s SOCs strengths.

Madrid. 7th November 2018.- ElevenPaths, The Telefónica’s Cybersecurity Unit, helds its 6th Security Innovation Day, an event on innovation and security on a national and international scale, under the motto Game is Never Over. From an approach based on the relation existing between videogames and cybersecurity, ElevenPaths shares its vision about cybersecurity future trends and shows its main strategic lines for next years.

Over this event you will have the opportunity to watch speakers such as Chema Alonso –Chief Data Officer (Telefónica) and Chairman (ElevenPaths)–, Pedro Pablo Pérez –CEO (ElevenPaths) and Global Security VP (Telefónica)–, Julia Perea –Digital Security Director (Telefónica España)–, Yaiza Rubio –Intelligence Analyst (ElevenPaths)–, among others. They will carry out an overview of the company’s innovative options in digital security.

Within these options, ElevenPaths will present the SOC, located in Madrid. The SOC provides its clients with a customized support, monitoring and specialized reports, as well as with the assistance of a highly-qualified team of experts available 24×7. Besides the SOC located in Madrid, Telefónica has 11 team of experts around the world. As explained by Julia Perea, “Thanks to our SOCs, we ensure that our operations and presence in terms of security are global”.

Furthermore, from today two products of the cybersecurity unit portfolio are available via PayPal: Faast for WordPress and mASAPP Online. Faast for WordPress is a technology able to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses on WordPress sites before these ones can be discovered by attackers. mASAPP Online is a technology able to perform a fully analyse of mobile applications’ vulnerabilities and behaviours. Moreover, mASAPP Online reports on potential security breaches in order to prevent attacks from malicious agents as well as on behaviours that may affect the app reputation.

Telefónica and its Cybersecurity Unit, ElevenPaths, provide IoT security services. In this way, endpoint complexity is reduced and integration with the services platform is ensured. These security products are based on the IoT products and services. Within these products, the Telefónica’s IoT managed connectivity platform plays a decisive role. In addition to this, new IoT security services have been developed, driven by Telefónica’s SOCs strengths. ElevenPaths’ security services are being broadened in order to cover and protect the IoT world.
In the following lines you will find more new cybersecurity solutions to be presented over the Security Innovation Day by ElevenPaths:
  • Stela FileTrack, a solution to protect organization’s sensitive documentary information, with an additional tracking layer allowing to view online each whole document life cycle.
  • RightsKeeper, it allows to manage shared documents, restricting or removing editing or access permissions, even though they have already been delivered. It shows the relationship between Shadow –particularly its capability to imperceptibly protect documents– and the ElevenPaths’ IRM.
  • SmartPattern and CapaciCard are the new technologies developed by the Innovation and Labs team. SmartPattern constitutes a new authentication method enabling the access to services and the signature of documents by means of an intelligent movement pattern sketched on a smartphone. CapaciCard allows to authenticate or authorize a user by taking advantage from mobile screen or laptop touchpad inherent capacitive features. It does not need NFC nor connection, just a cost-effective card. No additional hardware is required.
  • Connected Car, an application joining three IoT services (credentials provision, anomalies detection and secure DNS) on the connected car environment.
Pedro Pablo Pérez “Over this digital transformation process, we remain committed to the end-to-end security. For this purpose, we keep investing in infrastructures, in order to implement new SOCs (Security Operation Centers) in South America.”

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