SMASSA Success Story: Intelligent Parking Services

AI of Things    15 November, 2019

Today we bring another success story from the public sector: the example of SMASSA, the Sociedad Municipal de Aparcamientos (Municipal Parking Company) whose mission is to solve the parking problems that exist in the city of Malaga. The public body has managed to make use of data analysis to increase its operational and business efficiency in all its lines of activity

This project follows the initiatives to transform the city of Malaga into a Smart City and aims to contribute to the improvement of urban traffic management and parking solutions in the city, using Big Data solutions.

The challenge was to turn SMASSA into a data-oriented organization that could take advantage of the functionality of an intelligent city and activate the four levers of the strategy: digitalization, operational efficiency, sustainability and external monetization.

The solution proposed by LUCA was developed through a consulting project that has designed how SMASSA should articulate its data strategy over the next four years.

The process of a gradual and progressive evolution towards becoming a data-driven organisation must define different initiatives in the short, medium and long term. This includes advanced visualisation for KPI reporting, advanced segmentation to offer new services to the user and circular management of vehicle scraps.

Through LUCA’s consulting service, we help companies and public administrations extract the value from data in their digital transformation process, so that they adapt to the new ecosystem and make the most of new business models and decision-making systems.

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