Smart gas stations and how to find them

Beatriz Sanz Baños    31 October, 2019
In the last few years, gas stations started to offer travelers a wide range of possibilities beyond mere refueling. This increases competition between service stations, which is forcing these facilities to look for innovative solutions that offer more facilities to users, and because of that they become intelligent gas stations.

To achieve this objective, an automated service system has been developed at some gas stations thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

With IoT as an ally, we can know the status of a service station in real time through the integrated monitoring of all gas station systems such as the HD video system, alarms, sensor notifications, visualization of sales made, device status monitoring, etc.

How do you get all the information? A series of sensors are located in different places such as surveillance cameras, alarms, lighting or supply systems. All these parameters are collected, analyzed and sent to an app or platform, so that the customer has at all times information about the nearest stations, the services available to each of them or fuel prices fluctuations, among others.

On the other hand, the personnel of the service station can do an integral follow-up of all aspects of their establishment: price modification, lighting regulation, improvement of lighting conditions, sales display or control of doors and alarms.

In the end these solutions serve both the customer and the owners of the establishments.

The inclusion of IoT allows you to optimize the operation of the service station and maximize the knowledge that you have about the state of the gas station.

It also improves the customer experience and allows you to choose the option that better suits you. In addition, this monitoring also favors energy efficiency and facilitates keeping tabs on the number of vehicles that pass through the dispenser throughout the day and of the users who consume another type of service such as shop, cafeteria, car wash, etc.

The recollection of this information is useful when managing marketing campaigns and to design promotions for the sale of fuel, it helps measuring traffic and the busier hours which allow us to plan campaigns strategically. It also offers data about the parking time of each vehicle in comparison to the duration of the refueling, this helps keeping tabs on the waiting time of the vehicles that enter and are in the waiting line. This data also permits making accurate forecasts of human resources needs and reinforce the staff during peak hours.

This information will improve the user experience in the service areas, optimize operations, detect incidents and achieve a greater success. An IoT solution that favors service stations, but also the customer. Smart gas stations that help connect people with the things that really matter to them.

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