Say goodbye to traffic jams

Beatriz Sanz Baños    10 July, 2018

The hours that we lose in traffic jams in big cities would be better used in what really matters to us thanks to the Internet of Things. We are talking about advances not only to gain time, but also to improve our quality of life by avoiding the stress that comes with wasting time. The technological innovation that have appeared so far, and the ones that will come, will improve traffic movement all around the world.

The biggest change will come when 5G connection is incorporated in our facilities and vehicles. This will allow the cars to communicate between them with no interruptions, something only possible thanks to 5G technology.  It’s success relies in the instantaneous communication, the most useful feature for the users.  So if someone is stuck in a traffic jam entering Madrid, connected cars will send signals between them so they can reorganize and take other ways. This advances are not as far in future as we could expect, cars from the same factory can already do it.

The process could be accelerated if all cities were also smart and each element of our environment was connected with all the others. With this, not only will the vehicles “talk” to each other, but also a lamppost or even a column will be able to tell us the state of the traffic in the area. If we add to this the inclusion of autonomous vehicles in the market within a few years, people will only have to worry about putting on the safety belt when entering the car because they will know that they will arrive in to their destiny safely and in shortest time possible.

We can already see the positive impact of the implementation of the Internet of Things in the environment. Less traffic jams thanks to smart mobility solutions also means less pollution. The sensors that control the automatic irrigation in a Smart City save a lot of water, a very important resource. Environmental sensors informs about when to activate the antipollution plan in Madrid by detecting when the air contamination standards have been exceeded. The IoT helps us take care of our planet. When will this bright future come? Well, it is closer than you think.  We won’t have to wait too long to say goodbye to traffic jams once and for all, and motorists are proof of it. A very useful accessory has been manufactured for them: Smart headphones that project information on the helmet and within the field of vision of the pilot, so that they can look at the information without taking his eyes off the road. Thanks to the connectivity with intelligent operating systems, you can also discover new routes; know the quality of the roads or the state of traffic in certain areas of the city.

Another significant advance, which has already been put into practice in many cities, is the ability to know through our mobile devices what parking garages have free parking lots and go directly to them. You can already book from your mobile phone one of those places with just one click.

The key is to incorporate intelligence to everything around us, so that the things that surround us can collect data which will allow them to predict and reprogram their behavior to better serve our needs. It seems that in a few years we could live with a more pleasant traffic, and perhaps with no more traffic jams whatsoever. A great world of connectivity and Internet of Things is opening up to us, which is constantly evolving.  All these advances leave us eager fora future that we see closer and closer every day, in the Marty McFly style.

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