Responsible AI by Design in Practice

AI of Things    24 May, 2019

How organizations can minimize the risk of undesirable, unintended consequences of AI using a methodological approach

The use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing rapidly and can be applied in many contexts such as content recommendations, chatbots, image recognition, transport and many more for example for social good like reducing the impacts of climate change.

Recently however, with more firms using these technologies there has been a growing concern over its use and in particular the potential for discriminatory results, issues with the interpretation of algorithmic conclusions, its impact on jobs and its potential for malicious use.

With these concerns becoming ever more apparent, here at Telefónica, we have taken the opportunity to explain how we are managing such issues. This Whitepaper written by Richard Benjamins, Big Data & AI Ambassador at Telefónica aims to show how a large multinational corporation such as Telefónica is approaching such an intricate problem, hopefully paving the way for other businesses to do the same.

You can download this Whitepaper in pdf format here.

Responsible AI by Design from LUCA Data-Driven Decisions

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