Podcast #1: The Challenges of working with data

AI of Things    31 May, 2018
This is the first of a series of podcasts where, Richard Benjamins, Data & AI Ambassador for Telefonica/LUCA, will share with us his thoughts and reflexions about these Technologies.
Richard was named as one of the 100 most influential people in data-driven business (DataIQ 100). He is a frequent speaker at big data & analytics events and strategic advisor to BigML. He has held a number of big data management positions across Telefonica, working tirelessly to provide people with the ability to communicate using secure, state of the art technology.

Data and AI can be used for good things, but its effects can also be harmful, either intentionally or as a non-desired side effect of some positive use. Decisions taken by AI products need to be fair and interpretable.The massive generation and collection of data today is creating huge opportunities for businesses and institutions through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. However, those opportunities also come with a responsibility and risk.

Are we living on a privacy time bomb?
Will the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal change the data industry for good?
Will the data industry be a victim of its own success?
Is there a different, more sustainable, way forward for the data industry?
In this podcast, those questions are discussed by our Data & AI Ambassador,  Richard Benjamins.

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