People at the core of our technology

Telefónica Tech    22 July, 2021
People at the core of our technology

At Telefónica Tech we are passionate about technology, but there is something we love even more: people. It is people who give meaning to technology and not the other way around.

Cyber Security, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain. All our technologies aim to put people at the centre, thus driving our commitment to achieve a positive impact on society and the environment through our digital solutions.

We are, without a doubt, immersed in an unprecedented revolution that is changing the world more than any other revolution in history, affecting everything and everyone: the digital revolution. And with the advent of COVID-19, this change has accelerated even more.

In recent months, connectivity has proved to be the backbone of society and economy. Life has moved from physical space to the digital world, and in these few months we have made more progress in the field of digitalisation than would have taken five years under normal conditions.

Protection of the natural environment is at the same time a priority for society and for us. We pursue it through sustainable innovation and technology, promoting initiatives that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and multiply the impact and scope of our actions, based on a 100% renewable and low-emission network through our Eco Smart services.

Telefónica wants to lead this process of sustainable and ecological digitalisation and in four years it has managed to reduce its emissions by 61% and its suppliers’ emissions by 27%. In 2020 it avoided 9.5 million tCO2 for its clients thanks to its digital and connectivity services, three times more than the previous year, as a result of the high penetration of digitalisation during the pandemic.

We work to make technology improve the lives of our more than 5.5 million corporate clients, and the lives of their own clients. People behind businesses who already rely on us every day and with whom we talk about technology with passion and a common goal: to make their digital lives easier and more competitive.

And you, will you join the conversation? Then keep reading to find out, through the stories of Nuria, Alba and Víctor, why Telefónica Tech is the best possible partner for the digitalisation journey.


Nuria is the director of a large educational group. Some time ago she realised the need to digitalise her centres, making the leap to the cloud world, to make her students’ access to the course contents more flexible and to optimise the teachers’ work. To do this, she chose a technology partner with which to implement the most appropriate platform and which would allow her to train her staff in its correct use.

Nuria found in Telefónica Tech Cloud’s digital solutions her path to digital transformation: from the reduction of end-user problems to an increase in the use of the platform, thanks to the evolution of the integration between the different online tools, as well as 24/7 support in local language.

The implementation of these digital solutions allowed it to make the most of the contracted services by facilitating access, knowledge and mastery of the cloud ecosystem.

Today, the centres that Nuria manages continue to have ongoing contact with us, which allows her to detect problems and avoid risks and deficiencies, in order to concentrate on what really matters to her: the people who make up her educational community.

Cyber Security

SMEs have become a favourite target for many cybercriminals. Alba knows this first-hand. She owns a bookshop in the city centre which, in the light of the pandemic, has seen the need to make the definitive move into the digital arena. Alba was very clear about one thing in this move: security.

It was essential for her peace of mind to be in secure hands. He was looking for a service that would offer her 24/7 protection and that she could trust to defend the security of her clients. She was aware of the need to protect the digital space where she offers her services and to do it end-to-end to minimise the risks of suffering a possible cyber-attack.

This is how Alba found her best defence in Telefónica Tech Cyber Security‘s cyber security services for SMEs. Training and awareness-raising on this issue has always been essential for Alba, which now, thanks to this service, can also inform its three employees about the importance of cyber security policy.

As a technology partner, Telefónica will always be there to combat possible cyber-attacks and Alba knows that it can count on our continuous backing, always providing support and advice.

AI of Things

Victor and his friends are off today to the gig of their favourite band at a well-known music festival that takes place every year in their town. After waiting so long for this day, they do not want to be late because of traffic jams or overcrowding on the available transport. Finally, they earlier than expected and with the feeling that the journey has been much smoother than they expected.

They do not know it, but the City Council has been far-sighted and has resorted to Telefónica Tech AI of Things solutions, requesting a statistical analysis of the journeys made last year to access the festival, with the aim of reinforcing public transport and improving the service to citizens during the days of the event. Thanks to this, Victor and his friends would not only arrive on time, but their mobility experience will be very satisfactory on such an important day for them. And the rest of the population does not notice any changes in their usual movements either.

We deploy sensors through our technology that emit data which we then process to provide clients with fully anonymised, categorised and extrapolated statistical information on the movement of crowds. In this way, we make the information highly relevant and useful for our clients, companies or public bodies, to make the best decisions and maintain the satisfaction of the people they are targeting, as well as complying with data protection regulations and guaranteeing privacy.

This is one of the hundreds of examples with which we can illustrate how our AI of Things services already cross the digital barrier and improve people’s experiences, from the decision-making process of the client who hires us, to the end user: Victor and his friends, or even yourself.

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Cloud, Cyber Security and AI of Things solutions are marketed in Spain through Telefónica Empresas.

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