Now the lighting is also smart

Cascajo Sastre María    28 September, 2018

Each time we surround ourselves with more interconnected accessories, systems and applications that make our lives easier. Who would have imagined a few decades ago the development of a technology capable of making the objects that surrounds us every day smarter?

IoT surprises us once again with a solution to monitor the use of light through an intelligent system. It is a new technology capable of managing lighting in the home, facilitating energy savings and offering multiple customization possibilities.

Home automation, Internet of Things in the home

Internet of Things finds its way not only in the spaces destined to events and conferences, but it also sets out to be installed in our homes. In fact, the domotic revolution has already brought us several technologies that allow the automation and intelligent control of our homes. Imagine that we have left an appliance plugged in before leaving home and we only realize it when we arrive at work … it will no longer be a problem thanks to smart plugs.

IoT allows us to control electrical appliances so that they can be disconnected from the current easily and from a distance. We can also save time in the management of domestic tasks thanks to the intelligent cleaning that, by means of infrared rays, distributes vacuum cleaner robots or throws air freshener around the house while we are away, so that when we arrive at our home we find it clean and cozy. The same happens with other solutions such as intelligent security, which allows access to video cameras installed in the home through a device.

Intelligent lighting at home, without cables and catered to your needs

Internet of Things in lighting comes from companies such as Phillips and SPC, which have developed technologies that automate lighting preferences in both commercial spaces and at home. Something as innovative as light bulbs connected to WiFi and automatic shutdown devices thanks to geolocation are some of the advances that have been presented and that can be marketed and installed in offices.

These intelligent lighting systems facilitate energy savings, which not only affects the user’s pocket but also the care of the environment thanks to the reduction of pollution in cities. This saving is based on a better use of resources and the study of rates per time slot. In addition, monitoring offers data and analysis that will improve the consumption habits of each company, achieving greater efficiency.

Lighting is not just a means of seeing; it goes beyond for those who value the experience of the illuminated space. Well-treated light totally transforms an environment and is capable of generating experiences that have more to do with the emotional than with the view: would you illuminate the conference room the same way as the work space? That’s why intelligent lighting also offers services such as choosing the color temperature or saving your favorite light scenes to use them to your liking with just a click.

Intelligent lighting in large spaces

Intelligent lighting offers endless possibilities that will allow us to live more efficiently and productively not only at home or in the company, but in many other spaces. Its application on the streets and highways of citiescan be combined with traffic lights and electronic signs to improve traffic flow. Vehicle use can also be reduced thanks to the use of IoT lighting that is able to inform in real time about empty parking spaces.

In a few years we will be surprised at how fast this technology has spread to shopping centers, train stations or airports, improving the efficiency and safety of users.

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