Now cycling is safer thanks to drones and IoT

Luis Simón Gómez Semeleder    12 September, 2019

How many of us don’t feel safe overtaking a bike on the road?  The truth is that while driving a car we could be presented with a dangerous situation, but also if we are the ones riding on the bike. Now IoT technology can help us and give drivers a ‘sixth sense’.

Telefónica has been involved in the development of a road warning system that provides assisted driving. Using camera drones, it is able to warn the driver if there is a bicycle ahead or a vehicle stopped.

If you still can’t imagine how it works, find out in this infograph we show you today and see how  you can prevent accidents on the road thanks to Internet of Things.

Now that the Vuelta a España is taking place, we have tested this solution with Perico Delgado, former professional cyclist.

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