New Call: ElevenPaths CSE Programme

ElevenPaths    2 July, 2020
New Call: ElevenPaths CSE Programme

As many of you may have seen on our blog and social networks, ElevenPaths CSE (Chief Security Envoy) programme, born as a pilot experience, has been a success. That’s why we’re going ahead with it.

As you know, ElevenPaths always promotes talent and passion for technology and cybersecurity. ElevenPaths CSE (Chief Security Envoy) is a programme to recognise and support outstanding security professionals within the industry who enjoy sharing their knowledge with the community.

For this reason, and after a successful year, we are launching a new call for all those professionals within the sector who want to join it.

What Is ElevenPaths CSE Programme?

It is an initiative launched from ElevenPaths intended to recognise and support professionals within the sector. In addition, the professionals selected by this programme will take advantage of several benefits.

The selected CSEs will directly collaborate with the mission of the CSAs (Chief Security Ambassadors) in the promotion of the cybersecurity culture and of their own knowledge and skills through the participation in specialised events, interviews and posts. To this end, they will receive support of different communication channels where ElevenPaths has presence.

Who Is It Aimed at?

To all those passionate about IT security who are a reference in the sector and enjoy sharing their knowledge. From ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s Cybersecurity Company, we want to recognise their work and support them in spreading their knowledge in cybersecurity.

What Are the Tasks of an ElevenPaths CSE?

  • Participation in specialised forums.
  • Writing articles for blogs and magazines.
  • Participation in security research.
  • Support on social networks.

In What Areas of Cybersecurity Do We Seek to Recognise Experts as ElevenPaths CSEs?

  • Communications, Wi-Fi, Mobile, VoIP RSD.
  • Industrial systems and critical infrastructures, industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, OT.
  • Hardware hacking and car hacking.
  • Video games and consoles.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Reversing, malware, APT and botnets.
  • Forensics and IR, DFIR.
  • Vulnerabilities, fuzzing, exploiting and pentesting.
  • Cloud, CASB and virtualisation.
  • Cryptography, cryptocurrency, blockchain, identity management and biometrics.
  • Health, medical devices and wearables.

ElevenPaths CSEs Benefits

ElevenPaths CSEs will get the following benefits:

  • Title recognising the CSE as a cybersecurity expert.
  • Support and promotion of the CSE through ElevenPaths’ official communication channels.
  • Access to ElevenPaths’ own tools, services and training in cybersecurity.
  • Attendance to world-class cybersecurity events and meetings, as well as from other professional fields, free of charge.
  • Participation in research.

What Are the Differences between a CSA and an CSE?

A CSA (Chief Security Ambassador) is a person who represents ElevenPaths and has among their objectives the dissemination and promotion of the cybersecurity culture in forums, conferences, magazines, etc. where we participate.

On the other hand, a CSE (Chief Security Envoy) is a person who collaborates in the mission of CSAs to promote the culture of cybersecurity, expanding its scope and therefore the scope of ElevenPaths.

Becoming an ElevenPaths CSE Does not Mean…

  • Being hired by ElevenPaths or having an economic retribution.
  • Paying for travel and accommodation within the development of their functions.
  • Conducting commercial actions and selling products or services.
  • Developing and/or giving training or workshops.
  • Being required to perform the actions proposed by a CSA. The CSE decides whether to carry them out or not.

If you want to apply for the programme or need more information, please write to explaining why you think you would be a good candidate to join our CSEs team.

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