New App to Clean Metadata More Easily

Sergio de los Santos    20 November, 2019
New App to Clean Metadata More Easily

We are not going to repeat the dangers of metadata, since it has been discussed for quite some time now. However, we can try to make its management and cleaning simpler.

Some time ago, we launched our bots for Metashield to be used on Telegram, Slack or Skype. Well, now we have developed an app for Android intended to provide more possibilities and formulas to access Metashield.

You already know Metashield. In essence, it is an in-house technology to analyze and clean metadata used in many of our products. Although metadata seems to be an “old” problem, it is still useful when analyzing filtered data – for instance, remember the Osama bin Laden’s hard drive files case that we already discussed. Metadata was also a key element to find out WannaCry’s author: we discovered how the author operated as well as its default language in Word. This time we’re announcing an app already hosted on Google Play, intended to make metadata cleaning on any document or media file even simpler.

It is easy to use and does not need a great explanation. You can watch how it works in the following video.

This tool was announced at the Security Innovation Day 2019 and may be downloaded from:

It is still on the “early access” stage, so if you detect any issue please let us know.

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