New AI and Blockchain Solutions Are Arriving to Businesses

Fernando Navarro    14 July, 2021

As many businesses digitally transform to drive new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction, they are also adopting more and more advanced cloud-based technologies such as AI and Blockchain. In fact, nearly a third of IT professionals surveyed in the IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2021, conducted by Morning Consult, say their company is using AI, and 43% say they are accelerating AI adoption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But using multiple Cloud and IT platforms while deploying and adopting advanced technologies can be a challenge.

Telefónica Tech And IBM, New Solutions for Digital Transformation

In this regard, Telefónica Tech and IBM have announced the launch of a virtual agent with Artificial Intelligence and a Blockchain platform for company asset management. Built on the Cloud Garden hybrid Cloud platform, which uses the Red Hat Open Shift container framework, these solutions are easily adaptable to any business and are scalable.

In the case of the virtual agent, the automation of client data management allows employees to focus on more complex problems. Telefónica Global Technology is already using the Blockchain platform for asset management internally and will begin to roll it out across its supply chain ecosystem in Spain and Germany, and then extend it to other Group operators.

What Do These New Solutions Entail

In the case of the cognitive virtual agent, the solution provides companies with automated management of processes and customer relationships without operator intervention, allowing employees to focus on the most complex and value-added problems.

Telefónica and IBM have built a modular solution, both technically and functionally, which allows the solution to be customised, adapting it quickly and efficiently to the needs and requirements of each customer and their associated use cases.

The solution covers the main customer service processes and use cases in channels such as telephone and chat, adapting to the casuistry of each customer or business sector: information queries, adjustments or changes to customer data, complete transactional use cases, requests for documentation, collections, invoicing, complaints, file processing, etc. The solution also offers vertical services specialised in functional areas: IT support and user workstations, human resources processes, invoicing, collection, debt and direct debit processes, etc.

Thanks to this solution, companies can have a customer service 24×7 and 365 days a year, adaptable to different use cases and securely integrated into an omnichannel process and management.

The adoption of cognitive assistants in Spain is accelerating due to the digitalisation processes required by the pandemic and remote working. The greater agility and availability of the associated service and the substantial improvement in the end-user experience are facilitating and accelerating their adoption.

As for the blockchain platform, it aims to provide end-to-end visibility of the supply chain and securely enable traceability of any type of material with an open standard. This platform allows customisation of participants, transactions, locations and status of materials, making it adaptable to numerous use cases.

At any time, the provenance or location of an asset can be reviewed by the manufacturer, suppliers or processors, quality control companies and the end customer in a common, visible, standard and immutable repository.
Blockchain technology allows all companies involved in the supply, installation and consumption of assets to interact in an efficient and easily accessible way, ensuring traceability throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

This Blockchain Platform for logistics management is already being used by Telefónica Global Technology internally for the supply chain in Spain and Germany, and will soon be taken to other operators of the Group and to the B2B market.

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