MWC21: 5G and digital technologies, a reality for the post-covid recovery

Andrés Escribano    5 July, 2021
Recap MWC21

This year’s edition of MWC21 has been a very important step towards post-pandemic Face-to-Face events. The attendees came with a clear vision of establishing new relationships, pushing new businesses, motivated by the possibilities that appear after this “stop”.

The most relevant, due to its impact on the media, has been the communication of Elon Musk: Starlink to offer internet anywhere in the world, with his doubts about the viability of it as a business.

By not attending some of the big brands like other years, he has allowed startups to shine a lot, allowing us to discover disruptive solutions, in various stages of maturity,  from smart holograms to AI models for all kinds of solutions.

Obviously 5G continues to be a traction engine for the entire business world around MWC21, now in a much more mature way, and focused on multiple real use cases.

6G is already being glimpsed, with a series of very initial characteristics where the transfer speed seems to be its greatest additional value over 5G.

As fundamental axes in the vision of the world companies:

Industry 4.0, and its evolution towards Industry 5.0 with a focus on the employee.

Sustainability in multiple cycles (energy, food, agriculture, etc)

Digitization of multiple sectors (Public Administrations, Industry, etc)

As Telefónica Tech we have been very active, participating in multiple panels, etc, and with demos at the Telefonica stand:

– Industry 4.0 use cases in ports, integrating robotics solutions, Intelligent Image Processing, Edge, 5G, etc. With predictive maintenance solutions in a massive way in the Industrial world massifying its use in many sectors.

Sports analytics integrating IoT, Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence solutions. In this case we focus on the world of soccer, but can be extrapolated to many more sports disciplines

Sustainable agriculture solutions. Apply the digital transformation to the agricultural sector, with the use of technologies such as IOT / AI, etc. in a different way and with a real application already in clients.

As a final summary, we have not seen great “WoW” effects or disruptive technologies that we will use in 3 or 5 years, but rather like many of the technologies that in previous events were emerging, now they are mature technologies that are already being used in the process of The Digital Transformation of companies and the economy. And above all a feeling of proactivity and acceleration so that the technologies serve as an accelerator of the recovery.

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